Sound therapy - share your gongs, singing bowls and higher frequency vibes!

The first time I experienced a gong bath, with a lady called Sheila Whittaker, it really shifted something in me and I felt the effects for a couple of weeks :exploding_head:

Had a wonderful gong nap this afternoon with this -

Have also been listening to Solfeggio frequencies when I go to bed to help me sleep. So relaxing!

Would love to hear your favourite at home sound therapy :woman_in_lotus_position::sparkling_heart:


I love a good gong bath!! I often listen to Sonic Yogi on Insight Timer. He has a fantastic course on healing thru sound. He does a lot of work with binaural beats. Great stuff!!

Thanks for sharing!!


Great thread :+1:

I’ve added Mars and Venus to my Spotify. Thanks for the tip, I like it a lot and I don’t have any gong music.

I listen to quite a bit of ambient music for relaxing, reading, sometimes meditation if I’m feeling confident and don’t feel like being guided. A couple of favourites atm:


This is a fun thread! Can’t wait to check out the gong bath. I might just take a bath while listening. This has been my go to for a while now.


Very strange experience, when I went to one I thought I shut my eyes for about 15 minutes but it was over an hour and my wrist began to ache, when I told the man he asked me if I had any injuries in my wrist and actually I did have from years ago, turns out the vibrations can find it and heal it in some way or other.


Is that on play store

Yes!!! I have found that same experience with vibrations. Amazing!

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Oh wow that’s crazy!

I love that sleeping/ not sleeping thing. Some kind of dreamy trance. Always feel well rested after it.

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Like yoga nidra!!!

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I’m going to a yoga festival tomorrow and they have a cacao ceremony plus yoga nidra on Friday evening which I am really looking forward to! Plus gong baths on two days. Am going as a volunteer (free ticket) so hoping I can get to both gong baths, but if not even one would be great!


I am entirely jealous!!! Can’t wait to hear about it!!!

I have 5 sound bowls, 4 crystal and one Tibetan singing bowl. I havent used them in a while but now I am feeling motivated to make it a daily practice again.


I had a conversation about gong baths with a friend about 18 months ago, we had discussed going to one together at the time. I remember for a while I thought she meant one of those sensory deprivation tanks with water in them. Like an actual bath in the dark :sweat_smile: And then that thing happened and it all got cancelled and forgotten. I just had a look online and they are just starting to do them again. So I’m booked in, 9th August :+1: I’m quite excited actually :grinning:

I’ll be sure to report back here.

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So I have just arrived home after my first gong bath and I really enjoyed it. Great experience and I will definitely be going again.

It started with some mantras followed by a meditation. Very interesting, like nothing I have done before. A very simple one word mantra led the meditation which involved bringing the hands close together (but not touching) and then quickly moving the hands apart in a repetitive motion. Like playing cymbals I guess. And breathing in time with it. Not easy and quite the workout. Had to be a least 10 mins. And then straight into the gong bath. At first I was distracted my noises outside but pretty quickly lost those. It took a while to really get into it, but I can honestly say that for about 5 mins towards the end I didn’t know where I was. I was in orbit I think :sweat_smile: It felt great. I’ve only had that feeling a few times before with meditation. It’s really great when it happens. And it ended with mantras and harmonium. It was really good and the woman leading was brilliant. I will book again for September for sure.

And I spent a couple of hours in a room with 12 people I didn’t know doing something completely new. That’s a pretty big deal for me.


That sounds awesome! Well done for trying something new too. Glad you enjoyed it.

I have just signed up to an online Kundalini membership which has a mix of physical practice, meditation/ mantra and gongs. Did some in person sessions with the lady at a retreat in June and it was good. In person classes would be better though!


Thanks :grinning:

That course sounds great. Please let us know how it goes :+1:

The woman who ran the session yesterday mentioned that she does lots of other things, different classes, so I will look into that. I’d not been to the wellbeing centre before, interesting place and finally able to offer in-person classes. Online is great given the circumstances, but it’s the physically connection that’s really important for me. And I could tell immediately that something like a gong bath wouldn’t be the same online as you need those vibrations in the room to get the full effect. I am going to try meditating with some gong music in the next few days. See what that is like. I’m sure it’s still a very valuable practice.

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Booked myself in for gong baths in September and October, really looking forward to it. Seems like they do them every 2 weeks which is great.


Is that YouTube video music from a gong bath?

Ive never had one / heard it before.

I’m quite interested :thinking:

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That video is more sound therapy/meditation rather than specifically a gong bath.

This is a gong bath :+1:


So I get up at 5-6am and my morning meditation time is the time that I cherish. But my neighbour is noisy in the mornings playing video games and the noise travels through my walls.

These videos are perfect for me to put my head phones on and to start my day trigger free! :tada: