Sugar boycott


How fitting!


Checking in end of day 2 for no sugar. Today was a rollercoaster. The day isn’t over, but I’m home and i threw out that damn cake this morning, so there is nothing in my house. I resisted the cookies at my meeting tonight and chugged soda water and ate an apple. This is bringing me mentally right back to early sobriety. What a reminder i guess!!


Checking in - 2 days and 12 hours. Headache and tired today. The only way to go is forward. I’m appreciating the reminder of the mental obsession in early sobriety. The harder it is, the more important it feels to push through.


I just ate some avocado, killed my sugar craving a bit! I feel much the same though, headache, tired and have this like lightheaded/disconnected feeling. But hey, its FRIDAY!!


Day one no chocolate on the way to work, breakfast effectually!
And no wine gums on the way home.
Nuts and fruit during the day. Dropped bread about the same time I stopped drinking.


I imagine this has already been mentioned, but The Case Against Sugar by Gary Taubes is essential reading for anyone thinking of cutting sugar out. I’ve pretty much had zero sugar (or carbs) for a year and have reached a stable weight for the first time in my life.


I also need to cut out sugar. Sense quitting beer/drinking it seems to have become a new addiction :weary:


Thanks, super helpful. I was thinking I needed a book on this. I will acquire.


I totally understand, feel free to join in-we are all in it together! :slight_smile:


Monday of course lol


I giggle because this is what I do too, and right after I say spoken like a true alcoholic! :rofl: Hey, if it works, it works!! Preperation is key for me with it, I need weaning down time so I didn’t get the sugar flu-happens every time I don’t and because I’m a big wussy and my body hates me, I get sick for around 3 days. Done this a few times now, my goal is to make it to where @Hailstrom is! That’s amazing!! I’ve never really gone much longer than a month actually now that I think about it!


No problem👍 His book Why We Get Fat is also excellent. A little tip for those quitting sugar and getting headaches/muscle aches is to increase your salt. Your body will start to ditch excess water rapidly so you will become very dehydrated and lose a lot of electrolytes. It sounds gross but I add a pinch of salt to the water I drink which fixes the problem for me. And thanks @MandiH, you clearly have great willpower, I know you can ditch the sugar aswell😁


Interesting about the salt, because last night and this morning i was having mega salt cravings. It’s Interesting to start getting in tune and noticing my body’s reactions…


Dill pickle juice is yummy too.


Took a lot of Monday’s to get to 2 months lol


End of day 3. The struggle is real. But maybe getting better?


I’ve cut out sweets ,buscuits and added sugars , have to say i feel constantly tired at the moment but slowly losing weight , anyone else tired alot more lately ?


I was at first, but it’s slowly getting better. Suppose it could be that your actuall filling your days up. Are you getting much self care in these days.
Either that or I’ve got more of it to come in a few weeks.


I’m having a REAL hard time sleeping. So NOT what I was expecting! I struggle to fall asleep and stay asleep, so net result is pretty exhausted during day. I reread that article I posted and saw this as a withdrawal symptom:
* Changes in sleep patterns. Some people experience changes in their sleep when detoxing from sugar. You might find it hard to fall asleep or stay asleep through the night.

Today will be a struggle - got an AA celebration and then a party this evening. The mental process on all this is feeling just like alcohol - do I go? I need to bring my own snacks… I need a buddy… AHHGGGG

Time to be grateful - I’m grateful that I know how to deal with these situations and know what I need to do to get through it. I know it is normal and that I am not going crazy. I know that the feelings will pass.


3 days and 16 hours…