Sugar boycott


I went to the doctors today and they will be doing blood tests again next week including my sugar and salts, along with the usual kidney and liver function


2 months ago I had intended to give up sugar again but never did. Day 2 now! I gained 25 lbs after quitting drinking by following those sugar cravings, time to conquer that beast!


I want to try it, but how do you do no sugar? What have you done to avoid it?


Honestly, I’ve been really paying attention to how everything feels in my body the last few weeks and sugar feels HORRID in there so I’ve been weaning down a lot naturally. It really got jumpstarted though because my body has had it with the way I’ve been eating, lots of stuff I eat lately doesn’t sit well at all so I’ve been on a liquid diet since yesterday trying to detox everything. This plan isn’t for everyone but it’s really wreaked havoc on my body and it just has to get OUT of there! After today, I plan to eat paleo but only organic fruits, veggies and maybe nuts at first to keep the detoxing going.

At least 10 years ago my ex pointed out how sugar was my personal nemesis, I refused to believe him at first because it came from him but he was totally right. Once I quit drinking, the sugar cravings were terrible and I’ve eaten it daily. I eat well otherwise, maybe eat out 1-2x a week for lunch or I eat leftovers, eggs & coffee for breakfast daily, and non-processed dinners-usually a meat, vegetable and rice or potatoes. The ice cream, peanut butter cups, frosties, sugar in my coffee, etc is where my problem really stemmed from lol. Bad bad stuff! But I do need more fresh fruits and veggies in my diet also. Frozen all the time doesn’t really cut it.


I’ve been slipping lately. Time to get back on track! Today, right now!


My routine is this:

First I watched a lot of YouTube videos of peoples 30 day no sugar challenge and diets.

High protein Slimfast shake with plain almond milk for bfast & lunch.

Oikos Tripple Zero yogurt for snack twice a day (Orange or Banana).

Fruits for snack (apples, pears, bananas, oranges).

Herbal tea on occasion

Iced tea to drink with meals.

Home made meal for dinner. I bought a couple of cookbooks and pick something out of it for dinner.

When shopping for ingredients, I’ll choose fresh over frozen when it comes to produce. I’ll read the labels on everything. Usually name brand stuff has added sugars in things like canned tomato products, so I’ll find one that doesn’t.

Look for anything that ends in “ose”, fructose, glucose, dextrose etc. Those are all sugars, avoid that.

Avoid any processed or premade foods. Fast food, or any sit down restaurant (though I’ll go out once a month). Soft drinks, Starbucks, and dont add any sugars or sweeteners to your coffee or tea. If I have to use a sweetener, I use stevia because it’s natural.

I am the only one in my family who does the whole no sugar thing, and it’s rubbed off on the wife ansd kids. My youngest (8) has been spoiled by my wife (he’s her baby) and as a result he had gained a lot of extra weight. In the past month, he has lost 3 pounds from this diet change alone. It has been a confidence booster for him and that makes me happy.

So in conclusion, this is what has worked for me and I’ve been pretty successful at it. I know I cannot do slimfast forever (or can I?) So when that comes to an end, I’ll find something to take its place.


Me too! Reading replies now… Thanks for your advice Dan and Mandi!


There’s another awesome thread that was just started too-what’s your diet or nutrition regime


I saw that and it really made me think about what my “diet” would be considered.

Also, I eat eggs and coffee every morning too, it’s just easy :heart:

I notice a lot when I eat extra sugar daily, my face just looks more tired and the lines are more defined and it’s very uneven with red. I have freckles which I’m good with lol but they will look more dark and depressing too lol


Sugar sweets bloat me BAD. And pretty much instantly. It swells my stomach, my face is puffy, really all of my body is. Fresh fruits don’t do that so I think I’m safe with them but I’ll be paying attention. That’s really what my long term plan is, eat what feels good and don’t eat what doesn’t but it will be a process so I have to be careful of what I add back in and keep it regulated while each item processes. Too much of anything is bad so anything I eat daily is getting knocked out first. Sugar, coffee, rice are daily offenders right now, or were lol.


I used to drink coffee like it was going out of style at work. When I quit working, I donated my coffee maker and grinder and all I had was a french press. So needless to say, my coffee intake went down and my Monster intake went up. I hate the idea of requiring a substance to function, so I gave up caffeine. I started tapering the Monster from 3 a day to 2 to 1. Then coffee, from 3 to 2 to 1 to 1 every other day, then eventually none.

It’s hard to say what the main contributor is, but I feel great all the time now. I’m not tired when I wake up anymore. I don’t need to sleep as long anymore. I have a lot of natural energy now.

I did cheat though, I had a cup of coffee the other morning when I was on a 6AM flight and it was awesome! Then at dinner I had a mocha and it was divine!


Since starting my cardio challenge, my “carb tolerance” has been better (a little sugar doesn’t bother me and weight started dropping again). It’s also really curbed my cravings for carbs in the process. My tendency to keep stuffing my face when I eat vanished. Food for thought. :wink:

That said, my weight plateaued though I’m still getting a little leaner. Also there were two occasions I hardcore indulged in a carb-heavy dinner and felt like utter crap after. Grumble grumble…

What I can only describe as my addict mind really doesn’t wanna give up refined sugar completely, but may have to. Right now I’m down to a bite of chocolate after lunch a mini ice cream bar after dinner, plus some bready carbs.


Guess I’ll throw in I started at 217 lbs and am down to 189 lbs, stalled out on my initial goal of 185 lbs.

I also marathon-ate more than I wanted over Thanksgiving week. Also felt lethargic a little after eating, but good most of the time. Let’s just say “my metabolism was very efficient…” maybe from keeping up 30 mins of daily cardio? Weight loss ground to a hault, though.


Yesterday I had maple syrup with my oatmeal, plus a mini chocolate, what else :thinking:…I think that’s it.

Here’s to everyone struggling with sugar:


Omg. Cutest picture ever!!! I’m eating some raspberries right now, just boxed up a gift for my work holiday party tonight filled with candy and had no problem bagging up the rest to give out later, even my favorite white chocolate peanut butter cup! Win!


I did not initially have cravings after quitting, but about a month ago I quit smoking, about the same time as Halloween, and I started eating the Halloween candy like an animal - and I have NEVER liked candy other than occasionally before. I suspect the cigarettes were keeping my mouth busy (I was smoking a lot more, too). I’m finally weaning myself slowly back off the sweets and desserts. Drinking stuff like La Croix, which has an essence of sweetness without the calories seems to help trick my brain Into not wanting more sweets after I drink one or 5 lol


A trick I used to use is brushing my teeth when a craving hit. If I still ate it, it would taste terrible and defeated the purpose so I never bothered. Good thinking on the lacroix!


Great idea! My son always wants sweets at night, he’s a pusher lol we watch the great British baking show in my room before bed and i always rinse, brush, floss before hand so I can say more firmly “We don’t need any sugar”.


I can’t watch that show anymore! After I started watching it, I realized all I was doing was going to different bakeries in my neighborhood to gobble up baked goods. That show is trouble for me.


Haha that’s all I think every night-we are torturing
ourselves lol we only have one more season so I’ll think of something more beneficial to watch. He bakes some of the things they make though, so it’s kinda cool to see him into it.