The Feb29ers (Feb 29th, March 1st)

Hello everybody who is having his or her first or second day!

Are you interested in starting this newbie thread?

Maybe we could support each other being in the same situation right now.


Already caved today. Hoping my therapy appointment tomorrow will help me get my power back


Great idea! Linking to this collection of posts which might be helpful for you :blush:


That sucks! I hope your therapy session will support you as much as possible!!



Thanks! I tried to move the thread to life in recovery, but I didn’t know how to do so.

I’m using TS only on my cell!


I am in! 2nd time around trying to remember to count my blessings everyday



Awesome! How are you feeling?
What time is it where you live?

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Thank you for moving the thread!

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I live in the netherlands. it is round about 18 o clock right now! your time frame?

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@Marisim I found it! I’m so glad you took the initiative to start this group.

I live in North Carolina, US. Time now is almost 1, or 13:00.

hey! welcome to this thread! and app. also 2nd day and counting? good for you!

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Hello, can i join aswell. Still on my first day - been sleeping most of the day away.


Of course you can, thank you for joining!

Honestly I’m happy to hear that. We share the exact same time. Maybe this is gonna help,
because my struggles usually start after work, 3 to 5pm, depending on how long I’m staying at my office.

You made it to the half of the day, how are things going?

I’ll go to bed in 1,5 hours. So I managed a sober weekend.

To be frank, if someone told me three years ago, that that was something to be proud of, I wouldn’t believed it. Sad, in a way.



Would you like to join us?

@Marisim going well. I am usually ok until about 4 in the afternoon. The the craving really begins to hit because it’s the most stressful time of day.

Congrats on a sober weekend! That is a big accomplishment. While it may seem sad, you’ve made progress! Be proud of yourself. Comparison to others is the theif of joy.

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welcome here! sleeping is healing! right? good that you join. I for sure can use all the kindered souls in this journey.

I wonder why there seem so many people who start struggling about 3 to 5pm.

I guess for me it’s having to leave a structured environment and suddenly being alone with my own mind.

Until a couple of months ago, drinking was not an issue if I made plans after work, like going to dinner with some friends or going to the movies. But suddenly that wasn’t the safe haven anymore. I am terrified coming home and being alone in my apartment, even entering my building.

But right now I try avoiding to think about how it’s gonna be tomorrow.

The longest I made it were three days in a row.

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those are realy the moments right. with me it started when hitting a burn out. working so long hours for so long and then on fridays… then years of nothing and now indeed the comming home can be like the biggest trigger. for me I sometimes think it is realy much connected tot my fear of seperation. not only having it after leaving parties or stuff I do like as well as coming home after stressful events. the change to solitude, silence

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And also sorry for possibly writing too much. If I start to annoy you, pls feel free to say so or simply ignore.