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Hello :wave: and welcome :hugs:

With the new year (new decade!) and new year’s resolutions fresh on everyone’s mind this is a great time to be starting your sobriety journey and this forum is a wonderful resource to support you.

Apparently at the latest count there are something like 20,000 people with an account and over 300 active daily users which is amazing! We are people from all over the world who are working out how to do life sober - from alcohol, other drugs, sex and love addictions, self harm… We all have different stories and are at different places in our journey but we are all here today, and that’s what matters!

The frequently asked questions thread has a collection of some really useful topics that pretty much all of us have asked or thought about at one time or another.

Some of the posts are quite old and not everyone on them will be around any more, but there is some great content there. Use the search bar :mag: in the top right to have a look through if you’re after something more specific.

One of the best pieces of advice I see here (and give) often is to read, read and read some more. You might be surprised at how much you can relate to someone on the face of it very different from you, or you might find just the answer you’re looking for.

Keep checking in and reach out whenever you need to :pray::sparkling_heart:


Another one of my bookmarked threads which I check in with regularly, updated daily by the fabulous @Butch who has been through a totally transformative journey in sobriety

Motivation and meditation posts


New here and a little stressed but I’m determine to find myself again


Hey Trice, welcome! What’s your doc (drug of choice)? The daily check in thread is a good place to hang out and get to know people. And the meme thread can be a great way to kill some time too :blush:


There are quite a few threads listing the many reasons why not drinking is good and this is just one of them. Particular shout out to @Sassyrocks for her list which speaks to me every time I see it!


Love this! I added that thread to the FAQ one As well!


Great thread for newcomers!


A lot of people say boredom is a reason they drink. Fortunately by being sober we have more time, money and mental clarity to pursue things that are fun and rewarding. Here’s a flavour of what some of us get up to:


Not watched this but have seen @ThajokerNL share a few times, so adding it here :blush:

Roadmap to Recovery


@siand nice one! Hadn’t noticed this thread otherwise it would have been my addition for sure.

Let me explain why this video works for lots.

We get stressed out over all the weird stuff we feel during early recovery. In my tree’t they showed me this video. It explains what your mind, brain and body will go through.

I advise to date a timeline after watching the vid.
Dating when you will aprox. Hit the Wall which is explained about in the vid. And when you’ll enter the third phase of new behavior to be introduced to your systems.

I wish everyone who recognized they are powerless to our decease the strength to go through this process and I wish you all to not do this alone.



That was full of great information. Thank you!

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@James0101 I suggest you check this thread.

Please watch the linked video (and let your spous watch it later on) to understand more of what you are facing.

Bumping this back up to the top. :smiley:

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Nice! Super smart

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Yoga! Good for health, strength and mindfulness which are all just helpful things, but especially in early sobriety.

A few of us are doing the new Yoga With Adrienne 30 day yoga series, Home:

And will be sharing our progress on the yoga group thread.

Adrienne isn’t everyone’s cup of tea but there are other yoga chats going on here too :blush:


Sometimes memes are just what you need

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With the forum being so busy it can be hard to know where to jump in. I find the daily check in thread is a good place to hang out and get to know people, without having to create your own topics. It’s a place to share struggles, celebrate successes and get support. Being reminded that we are not unique, that others experience similar challenges and that we all have things we can learn from each other, wherever we are in our journey, is a wonderful thing!


Getting outdoors and getting moving is a brilliant way to start building healthy habits. Walking solo can be a good way to practice mindfulness and process some of the feelings that come up in sobriety. But it’s also a great group activity, a way to meet new people and build sober relationships.

2020 Hiking Club (Walking Sober)


Snore I know, but useful for everyone to know where to find the rules :blush:


I love that you keep adding to this. I’ve been posting a link to this thread in responses to new comers. Thanks for all this great information!