Tips for getting and staying sober

I did not create this list, I copied it and added a few items…hope you find it as useful as I have…

-Make a commitment to quitting.
-Make a list of reasons why you want to get sober.
-Make a commitment to change your lifestyle, including your friendships if you use drugs with friends.
-Be realistic about your goals.
-Don’t let yourself get discouraged when things don’t go exactly as planned.
-Keep trying!
-Ask for help - from a friend, family member, coworker, treatment professional or doctor.
-Be clear about your goals - are you quitting, cutting back, changing your routine, trying to get back with your children?
-Be specific about your goals - what is it you really want out of sobriety?
-Be safe - seek the help of a professional detox center.
-Do your best to avoid temptation - don’t spend time with people who are abusing drugs or alcohol.
-Stay away from people who will bring you down or derail your efforts to get sober.
-Be honest, with yourself and with others, about your intentions to get sober.
-Set limitations and, when relapse occurs, do your best to pick up where you left off.
-Be prepared to deal with cravings.
-Have an action plan in place so that you know what to do if you relapse.
-Remind yourself every day, or every time a craving arises, of your reasons for getting sober.
-Find other things to do, like a sport, exercise, or hobby
-Plan for the future - imagine and plan for a life free from drugs.
-Take care of yourself by eating healthy and exercising.
-Find ways to cope with stress.
-Find support - in friends, family, peers and professionals.
-Take part in a support group online or in your community.
-Seek encouragement from other recovering addicts - you’ll be surprised at how many people have suffered many of the same challenges that you are facing now.
-Seek counseling for your family, to heal the relationships between yourself and your loved ones.
-Don’t overestimate the control that addiction has over you - and don’t give up.
-Consider inpatient treatment.
-Reduce involvement in toxic relationships - you know who those people are!
-Make an honest attempt to reconnect with those who matter - your parents, children, loved ones and friends.
-Be proactive to change, not reactive.
-Know that the one who is responsible for getting you sober is YOU!
-There is no one size-fits-all approach, do what works for you and if you find something doesn’t work, move on and try something else.
-Be forgiving of others the same way that you expect forgiveness.
-Forgive yourself! Addiction causes deep regret but healing is possible.
-Quit feeling sorry for yourself - do something to evoke positive change.
-Remember that tomorrow is a new day, so if today isn’t perfect, there’s another shot at it tomorrow.
-Stay busy - people with too much time on their hands have a great risk of using.
-Educate yourself on the power of sobriety and your ability to motivate change.
-Find new ways to have fun - without drugs or alcohol.
-Talk with your loved ones about your feelings, your goals and your desire to change.
-Build your support network into a strong, motivation machine.
-Meditate, practice yoga or take a long walk to relieve stress.
-Get outside - play a sport, exercise, or enjoy the summer breeze.
-Pick up an old hobby that you no longer do - you might be surprised at how fulfilling it really is.
-Read a book - there are great books about emotional healing, stories of recovery, etc.
-Make quality time to spend with friends and family.
-Don’t blame other people for your actions, you are responsible for your own sobriety.
-Don’t make excuses, not for yourself or for others.
-Learn what it takes to be humble - be accepting and willing to learn.
-Don’t replace one addiction with another - moderation of hobbies and activities is key to healing.
-Be aware
-Pursue your passion - whatever it is.
-Be responsible in your efforts to quit.
-Don’t lose control - you are in control of yourself and of your sobriety.
-Remember that relapse does happen - but it’s not the end of the battle and you can pick up the pieces.
-Keep a diary of your sobriety and be optimistic.
-Avoid bad influences and distance yourself from anyone who is not supportive of your sobriety goals.
-Practice saying no to others in preparation for times when temptation is in front of you.
-Keep a reminder of your decision not to drink and don’t forget why you decided to get sober.
-Consider sober living if you’re not in treatment.
-Make sobriety your first priority, above all else.
-Seek treatment for underlying mental health conditions if you need.
-Follow through with your commitments even if you don’t really want to keep working at it.
-Have integrity
-Make a commitment to always face temptation with a decision to abstain, and remember that most cravings will go away on their own within a short period of time.
-Find a way to help others in recovery.
-Improve your attitude - seek personal enrichment whenever you can.
-Think positive
-Find a path that’s your own - it is your responsibility to take action for yourself.
-Don’t fall into the premise that sobriety will be easy, short-coming or without challenges. It is hard! And rewarding!
-Tell others about your recovery journey - you might help someone else find his or her way.
-Make a commitment - to learn something new each day.
-Make a commitment to Meditate 3 minutes a day
-Listen to relapsing addicts - and commit to doing the opposite of what they are doing. Encourage them gently.
-Don’t focus on just one element of growth -spread your recovery efforts out beyond just spiritual or emotional growth to include physical, mental and social growth as well.
-Develop a strategy for staying sober - and stick to it.
-Don’t expect treatment and recovery to happen overnight - it won’t.
-Figure out what it’s going to take to get sober - and JUST DO IT!
-Don’t settle for less - keep goals challenging but realistic.
-Reach for your goals with exertion and force - do whatever it takes to stay sober.
-Celebrate accomplishments in recovery with friends and family who care.
-Learn how to celebrate alone as well
-Practice balance in everything you do in life and in your mind.
-Practice compassion for others
-Change your lifestyle and omit involvement with others who use drugs or alcohol.
-Move on with your life if where you are brings you down. “You are not a tree- you can move”
-Keep a short list of your goals with you so that you can refer to them when you’re feeling down or complacent in your sobriety.
-Challenge others to achieve sobriety through your encouragement.
-Be vigilant - don’t forget that relapse can occur at any given time.
-Get your priorities straight - remember that sobriety is number one - ALWAYS.
-Find something to do at the times you normally use- like cleaning your house or seeking online support- get out of the house if bored
-Read books and magazines about recovery, get inspired from the great stories of triumph from others.
-Consider long-term treatment for your addiction if you feel you need it.
-Take your recovery seriously.
-Avoid the “Why Me” and instead ask yourself, “How can I change and prevent this from occurring again?”
-Make a list of people and things that you are grateful for, and then tell others how grateful you are.
-Be strong - don’t let fear of relapse take away the fun of recovery.
-Make a to-do list that will help you to achieve your recovery goals.
-Counter all negative thoughts with its positive option
-Set one big goal each day, when you achieve it, celebrate with another friend in recovery.
-Learn something new - how to cook, how to sew, how to paint or anything.
-Make a list of activities that help you to relax and then commit to taking part in at least one of the activities each day.
-Set the bar high! Set challenging goals each day and reward yourself for your accomplishments.
-Embrace your sobriety with everything you’ve got


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