Tool - Fear Inoculum (SPOILER WARNING for those who haven’t listened to it yet)

New song out! What do you think?


Listened to it on my way home. To be honest, I was a little disappointed. I guess I was expecting something a little more… big? Idk… might need to listen again.

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Kinda with @Dasindog though. The more time goes on the more the sound is blending into APC for me. Which… isn’t a bad thing.

Need more time with it though.


I imagine that’s probably the deal…the next track on the album will be the culmination of what you’re looking for. Thats how most of their albums were to me, especially 10,000 Days and Lateralus. You couldnt listen to just one song off them, had to be the whole album… and it usually ended up on repeat :metal:


I think some/a lot of their music is to be listened to in an almost meditative state: alone and where you can kinda be in your mind for a while… Not at a time where you are rushed. If I wanted to listen to a Tool song quickly and singularly I would listen to almost any song on Opiate or Undertow.


I quite enjoyed that :slight_smile: I agree, way too long a build up and not a massive amount of musical diversity - pretty typical Tool sound but that’s why I like Tool.

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Totally agree. It was great music to get lost in myself. I haven’t used it to purposely meditate… Maybe I should put that in the to do pile. In postgrad, I used Ænima to study to as well, which always seemed to work well.


@C-sun…what say you?

No really??? I :heart: TOOL.:smile: Will have to check it out.

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For me, it was interesting. Kinda picking up where they left off, with a little twist so it would sound new. Awesome bass lines and very interesting use of time signature changes, specifically in the chorus lines. I loved that.

Completely agree though on the comments that it built and built and built but fell a little flat at the end.

Looking forward to all the songs!!

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It really reminded me of ‘The Grudge’.


I’m still listening to it but yes Josh I agree. It also very much carries on from 10,000 days.
I’m going to listen a bit more today. But based on this, can’t wait for the album!
As has been said they are very definitely an album band and so the whole album should be listed to.


Here are the lyrics:

Immunity long overdue
Contagion I exhale you
Lying I opened up to you
Venom in mania

Now, contagion I exhale you

The deceiver he says you belong to me
You don’t want to breathe the light of the others
Fear the light
Fear the breathe
Fear the others for eternity
But I hear them now inhale the clarity
Hear the venom, the venom in what you say — inoculated
Bless this immunity (x3)

Exhale, expel
Recast my tale
Weave my allegorical elegy

All that I’m to do
Calculating steps away from you
My own mitosis
Growing through delusion from mania

Exhale, expel
Recast my tale with my allegorical elegy

Forfeit all control
You poison
You spectacle

Exorcise the spectacle
Exorcise the malady
Exorcise the disparate
Poison for eternity
Purge me and evacuate
The venom and the fear that binds me

Unveil now
Lift away
I see you running
Deceiver chased away
A long time coming


Glad that this came out during my initial phase of admitting I have a alcohol abuse problem. I would love to have some of that immunity from fear.


I love Tool, I’m TRYING to wait to listen to the album as a whole when it’s released. Fun fact: I’ve seen them 3 times live. Twice on Anemia tour once on Lateralus. All 3 times were outside and all 3 times it rained. Laser light shows were great.

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If the song does take off, I’m sure a more reasonably lengthened radio edit will be the result.

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Interesting to see how they went from a song like “sober” to this…


I’m hoping that they tour the album in the UK. They played download over here this year. I didn’t even realise until my wife got tickets for the Friday. I regret not getting Sunday tix as well now!

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I was just going to post it :joy::joy::joy:

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