Traveling Sober

I’ve always wanted a sober traveling thread on here. @Ravikamor I hope you don’t mind if I steal and modify your idea.

I’ve always thought traveling was a great big hall pass for drinking 24/7. I never thought in my wildest dreams I’d be traveling sober.

I think it would be cool if anyone wanted to add their sober travel pics from around the world. We really can travel sober and it is so much better and so much fun. It also helps to keep me accountable when I’m posting sober pics.

So, if anyone is willing, join in with your sober travels from wherever you are or even post pics of your hometown.


The Canals
Venice Beach California

This is the L :heart: V E Canal, where you are suppose to kiss :kissing_heart:


Marina Del Rey

Pretty socked in by LAX. Glad we aren’t trying to fly out this morning.


I think it’s good to reflect on this. I used to fill my nights drinking when I was traveling. Well, towards the end I drank almost every night, regardless of traveling or not. Now, I am listening to an audiobook about capitalism. I’d like to watch some TV but just saw how much data I already used and that 50 GB are nothing :scream:


I love it!!! :heart: posting on here definitely will help with accountability. I think traveling, in general, can be a trigger. We equate having fun with drinking and it could be a struggle to abstain!! This is fabulous :ok_hand:
Last day in Ireland - morning sunrise


Love the pics @Dazercat & @Ravikamor :star_struck: I’m travelling to Spain again this year, will be there for another 3 months. I can’t wait! Will definitely post some pics! I’m not going until June though.


Thank you for posting this. This is such a great idea for a thread. When I was in my 20s, I would travel with a fellow teacher who had been around the world like three times. He was much older and has since passed. But I remember one time we got to Mexico and I ordered my second beer. He just had one. And I asked him if he drank, or smoked weed, which he did five times a day when he was at home. And he said no. It takes away from the experience altogether. To truly get the most out of traveling, you have to be up at dawn and have energy throughout the day to go go go. He said he never understood why people drink when they travel and then they end up feeling lousy in the morning and miss out on the day. Now this was before my drinking progressed. I was fine on that trip. But at the end of my drinking days if I had a bloody Mary with lunch, I was on my way downhill fast and really missed out a lot. Thank you for posting and thank you for posting all the pictures! Can anybody else explain the difference between traveling while drinking and being sober? Again, I love this idea for a thread.


Oh, and also, he said that drinking while traveling can be dangerous. You always have to be on guard. And he said anytime you’re sitting there having a bunch of drinks , you become a mark.


I will definitely be posting pics of sedona and the grand canyon in 2 week!!! Sober


Super thread, Eric. This is what scared me most about getting sober. No more fun vacations. What a joke that was. The $$ I wasted on glorified pub crawls and beach days wasted by hangovers and drinking was a joke looking back. Sober since May 2021 and have had some great trips.

New Haven, CT then west to beach

St. Louis for a Sans Bar event with Chris Marshall

Sedona with dad and daughter

Steamboat Springs, CO


I guess that first pic is not socked in.
This is socked in.
Hope it clears up tomorrow.


Thanks everyone @Cjp
If you go by Flagstaff give me a shout. A really loud shout because I’ll be in Scottsdale :rofl:
Can’t wait to see your pics.
@Ravikamor your Ireland pics are awesome. @Diamonster more Nice and Cannes pics. It was summer 79 when I was there bumming through France looking for work. Not my best idea, as I called mom and dad crying to Get Me Outta Here!
@LeeHawk great pics.
@Bobbyw Traveling sober has really been and eye opener for me. And it really is so much easier and healthier duh :roll_eyes: And smart.

My biggest fear about sobriety was probably fear of traveling sober. I had the France trip coming up early in my sobriety and that’s when I thought “I’m not drinking today, and I’m probably not drinking tomorrow.” But the France trip got canceled because of COVID. And we did it last summer. And I did it SOBER. I think that’s the most proud of my sobriety I’ve been. But I got a big test coming up. London. SOBER. in a few weeks. London was always my favorite place to Hit The Pubs. Best Ales. And the Guinness. But I know I cannot just have one. That’s an equation that doesn’t exist in my math. I can’t wait to tackle London sober. I think I’ll be ok. But not sure it’s going to be easy. So I’ll be sober posting my trip here. And I’ll be ok. And proud. If pride is a sin. I’m gonna be sinning hourly :smiling_imp:

@emc2018 Love to see pics of Spain. Never been.

Happy Sober Travels everyone.
Can’t wait to see y’all’s travels. Or just even cities and towns that are local to anyone.


So it was you who dropped the car there? :crazy_face:


No I took the train to Cannes and hitchhiked to Nice and on to Versailles before I gave up. No car.


I think posting on here will help Eric. It’s support and accountability. I didn’t get to see a whole lot of London. But what I did see, I loved it :heart: :heart_eyes: You will HAVE to take us with you!!


Then you have seen a lot of France back then. Do you have some old pictures? :upside_down_face:


Great thread!! I love seeing pictures of places!!

My first sober adventure happened when I was about 8 months sober. I went to London, Amsterdam and Paris. It was challenging because my time in London, I was mostly alone with no parental supervision, so I could have done some damage, but I had everyone here to lean on. I had the time of my life!


Great pics. I was going to tag you if we made it by Abby Road. But you beat me to it. :grin: We might be walking around and doing lunch in Little Venice and then walking up to Abby Rd.


Nice idea for a tread like this Eric and @Ravikamor

3 weeks to go before I’m heading to Spain for a short 10 days holiday with a friend. We travel by bus. Counting down the days!

This is from yesterday, my last sober traveling.
It’s the castle of Durbuy, Belgium. It’s the smallest European city they said.


Yes I might! :joy::joy::face_with_peeking_eye:
I had the “R” right :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: