Truth and tough love


I think theres a flaw in your analogy here though. Food preferences are different than the topic we are discussing. Because a food you dislike may cause a physical reaction of disgust. Also in that same vein of thought, you already know you dont like cheese, because you’ve tried cheese before. Doesnt matter how you repackage it, you uave tried it.

So, the arguement is not that you read research abkut how cheese makes you bloated or is unhealthy, or that you took a bunch of anecdotes from other Anti-cheese people. Its that you actually tried it yourself first to conclude that cheese was not for you.

It’s not the quiche, its the cheese we’re talking about


This was me for 2 years. I kept saying “I’m not going to AA, but maybe one day if what I’m doing doesn’t work maybe I’ll try it”. But I never did. I was going to try everything else first but there was the sentence “maybe I’ll try it if this doesn’t work”. (I’m pretty sure if we look at posts of mine from a year ago we will find that is a direct quote)

The honest truth is…I WAS SCARED. I was scared and I made a million excuses so I didn’t have to do something that scared me. But now I’ve learned that the ONLY way to get better is to do those things that scare me. Getting out of the “comfort zone”. Because the comfort zone is a bottle of wine!!


Your target is Quiche…ok…let’s say that your target is Quiche…you don’t know how to make it. That’s been proven to yourself, by yourself countless times. You hear of a recipe for quiche that many people have used and gotten nice quiche…now you do your research and decide that you won’t do it according to the recipe cause you don’t like an ingredient…sound about right?
Could be though that for your quiche to be a success means you need to add that ingredient…
but to each their own…
anyone can get sober as they please…but I highly recommend using the recipe :wink:


What about a different recipe that seems to have great reviews as well?

Just playing devils advocate here. I don’t care what recipe you use, just pick something and commit to it.


If I knew that a salmon and cheese quiche (yuck) would keep me sober, I would pray for the willingness, courage and strength, take some deep breathes and choke that damn thing down, then bask In the gifts that sobriety brings. But that’s just me. Because today I have choices.


Only thing I had to eat to get sober were my words. I always talked about the things that wouldn’t work for me. I was wrong. Deadass wrong.


Point was…saying this and that recipe doesn’t work for you…is a bit silly…unless you use the recipe…you can’t really know if it works or not…and being that there is evidence that it does work for others…I wouldn’t go blame the recipe…Everyone can cook how they like…just remember that you need to eat what ever the outcome will be.


Welcome @BobIsGone. I am happy you are here.

I am a member of this community who does their own program, consisting of self-discipline, martial arts, this forum, a male accountability partner, and the love and support of my wife of 20 years.

I haven’t ruled out meetings. Quite the contrary. I am committed to going to meetings should I ever relapse. Ive promised this to this community, my wife, my accountability partner, and myself. I don’t want to go to meetings, so this is extra motivation to stay sober.

So far it’s worked for 458 days.

My advice: Be honest and have a plan to escalate upon relapse. If you need help, get it. If it’s working, keep doing it. If it’s not working, add something else to your approach.

Decide to be better, and then be better. Keep getting better at getting better each and every day. Better today than you were yesterday, and tomorrow better still.


I don’t even fucking like quiche, I don’t know why I chose quiche here…

Okay, so, even though I know I dont like parmesan, I should still try the quiche because other people have said its a good quiche. Those people probably know they like parmesan. I don’t. There is an alternative option which suggests i’ll have greater quiche success.

If I feel my quiche is going to be better using a cooking method and ingredients that I find more comfortable, why should I not make that quiche that way and with those ingredients?

Why? Why did I choose quiche?


What if I told you there was an alternative quiche that had ingredients in it that you did like that would have the same result?


I bet you think cake is better than pie too


What do you think I am, some kind of heathen?


Quiche = breakfast pie



I’m with this here. There’s lots of ways to make a dish, and they don’t all work out, though many do. If I follow a recipe, I know based on thousands or millions of people’s experiences how it can turn out if I stick to the recipe and follow all the instructions. If I make my own recipe, it might work, but I don’t have that same evidence telling me how it will probably turn out. It doesn’t mean it’s good or bad, just unknown.

If I muck up the dish again, the client might have me killed, so “unknown” is pretty scary. If I muck up and live, I try something different, because I know where that recipe got me. Unless I just didn’t follow the recipe…






YES, Dr. Cox! One of the greatest television characters ever.


@Englishd - Quiche = Scrambled egg on pastry.

@Ifs - The point im trying to make isn’t to use your own recipe, it’s about using alternative recipes which have also worked.

@aircircle and @Yoda-Stevie - Real men eat what the hell they want.