Truth and tough love



And I’m with you on that. That’s what I meant by “if I follow a recipe, I know based on thousands or millions of people’s experiences how it can turn out”, I don’t care which recipe it is if it works.


Lol, i think the metaphor has gotten way too convoluted at this point… smh


I don’t think addiction or alcholism can really been compared to following a recipe. That is just my opinion and for me the metaphor doesn’t work.


I agree. Life was better the way it was before I mentioned the quiche. But i’m blaming Nickelback.


This is an MRE ham & egg omelette, one of the least desirable of all MRE meals, second only to Chicken a la Kingm As an Officer, my Marines got to choose first. These Ham and Egg omelette was usually all that was left.

Unless and until you’ve eaten an MRE ham & egg omelette, with crushed MRE crackers, mixed with MRE cheese whiz warmed under your armpit, seasoned with Tabasco sauce, you are insufficiently situated to argue that real men can eat quiche.


Yeah thats what i was thinkin too…a shitty meal wont kill u, just leave a bad taste in ur mouth for a few minutes. If were gonna compare it to cooking something it should prob be meth or pcp…u know, something that could blow up in ur face and put u 6 feet under lol


You’re awesome





I don’t know… I’ve cooked and prepared many a buffet in my time.

That is the saddest looking omlette i’ve ever seen.


The chicken curry in the UK rat packs does not look too appetising. Just looks like someone’s thrown up (sorry but it does)


Jarhead MRE Ham & Egg Omelette Preparation Instructions:

-Curse the world, because you got this meal

-Use Kbar Fighting Knife to open outer pouch. Save pouch for trash or potential vomit.

-Remove omelette foil pouch from cardboard box.

-Use Kbar Fighting Knife to slice open foil pouch. Examine contents for signs of spoilage such as a deeper shade of green and fouler oder than normal.

-pour off excess stink-water.

-use enclosed plastic spoon to mash and fluff omelette.

-crush MRE crackers and place in pouch. Set aside to allow crackers to soften and absorb remaining stink water.

-place pouch containing MRE processed cheese-like substance under armpit to make it malleable and less spackle-like.

-use Kbar fighting knife to open cheese packet. Squirt packet into omelette/cracker mixture.

-add Tabasco sauce liberally to the mixture, salt and pepper to taste, as you really only want to taste the seasonings.

-knead foil pouch until all ingredients mixed to the consistency of baby shit.

Bon appetit.


I think the UK military have a similar dining strategy. And yet, we sent £2m to India so they could hold a concert in support of Womens Rights.

Not that I’m against sending £2m to India to hold a concert in support of Womens Rights but… you know? Military meals would be further up my priority list.

Anyway…where is @Englishd ?? We’ve gone way off topic here, can you rail us back please?


Quiche is now and will forever be a thing. You did it to yourself.

I do know that no matter what you put in a quiche, if you don’t turn on the oven, nothing’s going to happen. No quiche for you.

Quiche for you. Quiche for you. Quiche for you. Maybe if I say it enough, you’ll start to think quiche is for you.


Release your inner quiche


I don’t like quiche…I prefer frittata.


I prefer Filipino Torta


I’m just here for the quiche.


Good ol’ Quiche Lorraine…


Just went to a Filipina bridal shower, sooo much delicious food!!