Truth and tough love




My ex-wife is Filipina. I make several dishes and also go to a Filipino eatery with my son. Love most Filipino food.


I just smirk laughed so much at this


Geez guys. Quiche was a terrible analogy. I tried to nip that in the bud 30 comments ago. Then the quiche analogy went off on a game trail, found an abandoned cave filled with water, dove down to see if it exited somewhere, got turned upside down and drowned. Just leave it already.


I thought it was a GREAT analogy!!


I go to a meeting and come back to this shit. Good Lord


Lol! I think if we were to use it as an analogy, then we need to break it down. Whats the purpose of a program? Get you sober and have you live a fulfilling life. How does quiche relate? If can feed you and you can enjoy it. The flaw in the arguement was that he didnt like cheese (or for that matter quiche…). This implies that hes tried cheese (and quiche) before, and has personal experience to know that he does not like it.

The real life application would be that he has to try a program (really try) in order to know if its not for him. The issue at first was that someone said that AA was not for them without having worked it.


Yep. Exactly.


@Ac1z3k fixed it lol


Should that be “less than“ and not “less then”… haha I’m one to ask :crazy_face:


I catch that crap all the time as well! :joy::joy:


Well I’m comfortable in my sobriety, thanks to AA, so the idea of a quiche gets me all hot and bothered.


Im getting indegistion just reading this quiche thread :grin:


I think it should be moved to the what you gonna give up for Lent thread!
I’ll give up quiche!


@rmgrimmer - “He” is still here. Right, you are saying “You don’t really know until you try”. If my analogy is so terrible, i’ll reword it in a way that requires no analogy and that’ll be it from me on the topic.

If someone researches ANY method to acheive ANY result, regardless of whether it is proven to work for other people, it is possible that certain aspects of that method will not appeal to someone else and as such it is the right of the person to decide whether that method will or will not work for them. You can argue “You don’t kow until you try” until you are blue in the face but if a method of action is personally deemed to be fundamentally flawed from the offset, it stands to reason that an alternative method with more favourable aspects should be primarily considered.


I never said that the person should try whatever program we are debating. What im saying is that they shouldnt rule it out as something that will not work for them. Why? Because they cannot know for certain.

So, in her case, by all means do whatever program it is that best suits her. And if that program prooves to not be enough, dont be too prideful to accept that AA may be a credible answer.


Hey guys…I wanna get sober, but I don’t wanna do this and I don’t wanna do that…I hope it’s cool…


Lol! Its funny, but the issue isnt even that shes not willing to do them. Because she is working a program of her own. The issue is that she says that a program that she has not even attempted is not for her.


wasn’t really commenting on anyone specific…don’t even know who you guys are talking about…
Just that I find this attitude amazing…but everyone has their path to walk…I suggest start walking.

Edit…I don’t know where the idea comes from that we have some sort of luxury to choose what it is that we are willing to do…for me it has to be that I’m willing to do what ever it takes…if that means something I’m mildly uncomfortable with…so be it…


I remember dragging a 50 inch TV through the hood in a snowstorm bc my car got stuck, so I could trade it for $80 worth of crack. I’m pretty sure I was wearing sandals and gym shorts in the dead of winter. That’s some dedication. But then a few months later I literally fought like hell to avoid going to rehab…

All that work to get high and no effort to get sober was my mantra. And I stayed nice and high until I was desperate enough to try anything.

May God bless you all with the gift of desperation. Going to rehab wasn’t bad the third time, especially bc my alternative was probably death. AA wasn’t so bad when I was living with a junkie for four months. IOP was actually pretty cool bc I didn’t relapse after rehab this time.