Truth and tough love


This is exactly what I did at the same time I stopped drinking and I couldn’t be happier with my decision! I am appalled at the number of hours of my life that I wasted on Facebook.


This is my only form of social media. I make time in person or on the phone for family and friends in my life. I don’t plan on changing anything in that regard after a year.


Right? It feels funny in the beginning, but then it’s like a huge weight has been lifted off your shoulders :slight_smile:


Mine too. And agreed, the purpose, accountability and Sober interaction on this app is a wonderful healthy alternative :slight_smile:


I have Facebool and TS and I only ever use Facebook to complain about the state of musical affairs, to keep in touch with friends overseas and to wind people up. I really can’t take facebook too seriously; its just a whirlwind of opinion and bollocks.





I had to google ‘bollocks’… yes, yes it is :smile:


Such a strange concept so many (myself previously included) get wrapped up in. Do things to get a photo, to show masses of people and get approval. It is a very subconscious thing, because it is the norm. Very apparent when you vacation anywhere and just look around. Now I just do things for myself and the people and causes I care about. Not wanting and needing validation, is very freeing!


This forum is different because in recovery there is a very profound sense of humility and I truly believe that for the most part - we are all here to seek and in turn give help and encouragement.


Thats why my first year was good didnt have any of these ,think of it didnt have any for a long time ,lol just had to meet people face to face and people then did a lot of talking to each other i lived in a world without mobile phones i know its hard to imagine that happy days keep on trucking


Couldn’t have said it better myself :hugs: it’s very interesting to see what you do or where you go when you know you won’t be photographing it for posting purposes. Feels more authentic :slight_smile:


Me too @Ray_M_C_Laren :hugs: it’s a very delicate dance I certainly couldn’t have done newly sober. It very likely would’ve contributed to my downfall.


I’ve been thinking about this quite for a while. Even when I got sober the first time, it was in my head. For me the problem is instagram: I follow so many athletes, that when I see how they live, how “perfect” they (show what they) eat, how they’re fit, etc., I finish my scrolling and I just slam on my fragile ego. “You should be doing this or that” “You’ve f*cked up your health with booze”, and even when I am eating pretty much healthy and that I consider myself some kind of fit, It is never enough !

Also, I think we’re over informed on so many levels, that at some point it’s not sane for our mental health. Because when we’re aware of something that annoy us or worry us, but we can’t do anything on it, we start hurting ourself with stress and other behaviors… So, I think, generally social media should be reduced to a minimum, which is to socialize with your closest, and not following the whole damn world.

Thanks for this. I’m closing my instagram. Un-instadamned.


Damn, this is good.


I’ve got an account on FB but that’s it. I only have that now to follow some bands and book clubs/authors
Used to be on it all the time, but I can’t seem to see the attraction to it now. I suppose I am signed up on most of my favourite bands/authors mailing lists so really there’s no excuse to have FB.
I can’t believe what some people post some times. It’s like do we really need to know this.
But then this might be a age thing😂


I stopped the smart phone in September,also WiFi in my home 2 months ago… I have an ordinary no Internet old skool mobile simply calls and texts. Use the smart phone literally to check emails and info every now and then… It’s very freeing and you get your own mind back and aren’t led to buy buy buy stuff. Unfortunately not many people comprehend the danger of emf that comes from a smart phone also… I blame the emf for the huge rise in mental health, not social media, but it has its part too. :pray:


Nope, it isn’t! I only have an FB too (no snapchat, instagram, twitter, etc…don’t see the purpose) and it is 90% posts that are either uneccessary, irrellevant, or the person flat-out just posts way too damn much. I end up “hiding” people all the time if they make a habit of it.


Wow, what an important job :+1: helping those who are the most needy & weak.


@Hazy Wow! You are leaps & bounds ahead of me with no smart phone! Wow again. Bravo!


You’re welcome & thanks for your beautiful example :hugs: