Truth and tough love


Got it. Maybe i just have to concentrate on my own work whatever the reason is, someone cant be without the phone for 2 hrs. Good point, thanks :blush:


Meidän kotiryhmässä on tehty päätös että niitä kännyköitä ei räplätä palaverin aikana…eli sellaisia ryhmiäkin on.


Meillon vaan kännykät hiljaselle päätös. Muutenkin osa ramppaa vessassa ja tupakalla…


Eikäää…eiks teillä oo taukoa tupakkamuijia varten?


On joo mut…


Jos on tauko niin onpa tosi raivostuttavaa jos jengi juoksee edes takaisin anyways…ei hyvä, ei jatkoon…


Sellanen se orvokki nyt vaan on. Pakko niellä


Amen, most of us need to be grateful just to still be breathing much less bitch about how life isnt perfect, you spent a substantial pat of it fucking it up, just be glad flowers can grow from shit and start working on growing.


I wasted all my likes on memes but there’s some good stuff here.


“SHIT” is relative. I learned this in the Marines. Sleeping in a hole, not having a shower or clean clothes for weeks, eating MRE’s, crapping in an ammo can, getting shot at…this kinda set my bar for “shitty” pretty high.

Others haven’t experienced this level of “shitty”, so any reduction in the normal standard of living, seems “shitty”.

Where my patience gets tested are those with “poopie diaper syndrome”. Sure, it’s a stinky mess, but it’s warm, soft, and all mine. They’d rather sit in their stink, than do something to change it.

I drink, because I hate my job.
Get a new job.

I drink, because I work in a bar.
Get a new job.

I drink, because my relationship sucks.
Get a new relationship.

I drink, because I’m bored.
Find something to do.

I drink, because I’m lonely.
Meet some people.

And on and on it goes.


I drank because it banished fear, and there has been fear since I can remember. Probably also the reason i hide behind humor… lately, theres not a serious thought in my head…


Yes the little voice in your head is real!
Yes it’s going to try to stop you!
Why, because you are an alcoholic, and your body wants the drug.
You can’t just give up and expect it not to fight back!


128 days!!


But what if I have the literature on my phone and I am following along? I mean, of course, not while people are sharing or telling their story!! But sometime I think it might be nice to read along with the preamble or how it works etc (because I really don’t know it all yet). I haven’t done it simply because of how I fear it will look. I used to have my Church missal on my iPad and would use that during mass rather than use the books there. I’m sure LOADS of people thought I was reading emails etc.


That made me giggle.

But you are right. We should all count our blessings. We should all go right now and add to the gratitude list thread.




We silence ours and everybody places their phone face down in the center of the table.


The one meeting I went to they all got various copies of the big book out . Hard back, iPad, phone.


I remember when I first started going to meetings I was still a mental health disaster. My mind was everywhere but centered. I had a lot of anxiety and was just a general mess. Sometimes I would center myself by aimlessly scrolling my phone. It actually helped me focus on the message. I am not really concerned with phone use as it’s none of my business. I don’t go to meetings to be the AA police. I go because I want to hear the message, not make sure other people do. I don’t know anyone’s circumstances, nor should I be told why they are on the phone. Even if they hear 5 minutes of what’s being said it could change their life. This is my own personal view and I know it’s not shared by many, but if you wanna use your phone I say rock on with your bad self. Just keep the volume off lol.


At my meetings they request at the beginning that any phones be turned off or put on vibration/silence. I think this allows people to at least have access if there is an emergency (I often have to leave my kids at home alone…they aren’t really young, but someone could still cut a finger off or push her sister down the stairs in a fit of rage…LOL)