What are you sipping on today?


Mine too


Coffee coffee coffee!!! When I wake up its a one man conga line straight to the coffee pot!


Looks like u need my mug!!


I make a huge pitcher of tea to keep handy at all times. Ive found drinking ice water with lemon or lime juice is cheap and helps curb my cravings.


Caffeine free Earl Grey tea :slight_smile:



Thats really good tea


Same old, same old, just plain old water


Lol, thats a good one!!


Cold brew from a local coffee shop with a shot of Espresso


@Sam-thebeachguy I think I saw that youre somewhere around the bay, right? You should try Blue Bottle if you like cold brew. There are a bunch scattered all throughout the city. French Press is really good too, but Ive only ever seen those in socal.



Closest one is 20mins out but ill check it when I am catching waves at Venice. Im from So Cal (Manhattan Beach). @Tukansam


Since going sober its become a flipping pass time. More so in the evenings. I got more blends with chamomile or Valerian than I know what to do with. Thankfully I like tea.


Omg I was a car hop there , it shut doendown up here in wi . I.made bankola :scream:




This cup is epic!


Yummmm!!! Looks good!


so good!


Day 2 of bulletproof diet地nyone else love butter coffee?? Or just me?