What are you sipping on today?


Those are so yummy! Have you tried the strawberry ones?! :strawberry:


I drink something constantly (I was a binge drinker in my old life) so where do I start…
4 cups of coffee with whole milk (I really need to try the heavy whipping cream as suggested)
Watermelon sparkling water
Frozen fruit smoothie
Water, water, water


I’ve never heard of butter coffee! I’ll have to try it!


San Pellegrino Chinotto. Amazing discovery!


I found out if you order just espresso shots its cheaper than the Americano which is just water down espresso.


I just put two tablespoons per two cups of coffee and some mct oil. I’m following the bulletproof diet to try to kill my sugar cravings. They’ve been so awful lately and I feel like it will help me feel better physically. We will see. Lol.


Yep :blush: So many tricks as a barista

Order a shot of espresso and a cocoa......put the shot in the cocoa, bam you have a mocha :wink:


Plain old everyday water… it’s good for the soul…


Decaf coffee


Italian expresso


Chai tea with some honey and coconut milk, yum! :blush:


Black coffee.


Polar’s Vanilla Seltzer! New favorite!


Old trusty H2O sip, sip sip⛆⛆⛆⛆:droplet::droplet::droplet::droplet:


Day 31 :blush:


Cranberry juice sweetened with Stevia.

All kinds of naturally flavored club sodas.


Iced tea, unsweetened.


Plain old mineral water for me.


Triple shot espresso over ice with a pump of
Its becoming a problem lol


For the last 10 yrs it would have been coffee and wine and water so now its just coffee and water guess I will have to try some of the things you all drink see what I like