Where is everyone from?


I’m in Indian harbor beach, florida


Seattle, Washington US


The netherlands :slight_smile:


Cape Town, South Africa :sunny:


I am from Manchester, :umbrella:England


Orignally from South Korea, but lived in Norway most of my life. Spiritually from Hogwarts.


I am from Prairieville, Louisiana


Vienna, Austria… :musical_score::notes::mount_fuji::skier::grinning:


Cape Town, South Africa


Birmingham(-ish!), UK :flag_gb:


From Patagonia, Chile…


I’m from Kent in the UK


It’s amazing to me how so many people from across the world from each other can all be connected by a single thing. Worlds apart but part of a common thread of addiction. Technology is definitely an amazing way to bring people together for recovery. Together we all have a fighting chance! We are definitely not alone in this​:wink::smiley::smiley::smiley::smiley::hugs::hugs::laughing::laughing:


Totally agree, @MicheleH - I was at the Birmingham, UK, AA Convention at the end of July and on the Saturday night, there must have been over 1,000 clean and sober people in the disco that evening!
Thanks to technology, I’ve met up with other folks in recovery in real life - one guy from the US was in London in mid-July on business and took time out to meet up with myself and other buddies from the Twitter recovery network I’m part of.
Meeting people from around the world, sharing stories of our recovery and with nothing more than that common thread of addiction certainly helps keep me sober today; and always just for today!!


New your city here. I think it’s cool that tech is connecting all of us. I always felt so alone in my struggle with alcohol, but this reinforces my will to succeed in kicking it’s ass. Good luck to everyone


I live right on the Vermont New Hampshire border.


Born in upstate New York, grew up in South Florida, lived 15 years in southern CA and now I’m in Pagosa springs, CO.
I created a thread which basically describes what you guys are talking about…being from all over the world yet finding eachother in the same boat :grinning: “were in this together”


Saint Joseph, Missouri


I used to spend my winters up in Vermont. Mount snow and Killington.


@Fubar84 Which house? :slight_smile: