You are missed


And if I came you’d have the Caribbean covered… For a day lol


If I ever travel to paradise I will let you know.


Sounds like a good idea


Yes it does. It was in the 40s with clouds when I got up yesterday. Someone forgot to tell the weather it’s almost summer.


It’s been driving me a lil crazy. I feel like every time I come up north for summer, the seasons wanna play hide n go seek or something lol. But I’m grateful for the few warm days (or hours) with little or no rain


I will give you the 4 seasons of upstate NY. Winter, still winter, road construction, almost winter


That’s awesome. Glad to hear you’re doing great. Enjoy your new life


@Rayn I saw you logged in last night. I was creepin’ on your profile. Please drop one of us a line. The meme thread struggles with out you


Again, where are you @SweetTea ? I really hope the poor participation in the second book club date didn’t drive you off! I hope you didn’t take that too personally. Haven’t heard from you since you expressed your disappointment with that. I really hope you’re okay and sober and just taking a break from the forum. Give us a hello and let us know you’re okay! We miss you


Thought you were hitting on my twin there for a minute lol

Upstate NY needs a transition, or you need a vacation… Possibly around “still winter” lol


It snowed on April 30th by May 3rd it was almost 90 degrees.


@Betterbee I see you liking posts! You better say hi lol


He looks so cute…I remember when my boys were like that… hope you are ok :grin:


Hey guys!!! Back again for a bit, just today! I’m doing great at 83 days sober!!! Working hard and I got my first day off in 22 days :relieved: thank god. These seasonal jobs are hard!!! Hope everyone has a great and sober day!!! :honeybee::honeybee::honeybee:


@Yoda-Stevie was just out your way


Whoa really!!! That’s so cool!!!


He has some cool pics


One week from 90…you are killing girl!!! Happy to see you check in when you can. You have a lot of us who are rooting for you and I for one love always smile when i see you doing so well!!!


Stayed at the lodge on the North Rim.


That day will come. Keep going man, great to see your life changing.