You are missed


I wonder if her ever asked the bakery girl out. I hope so.


Oh yeah, I forgot about that! I want to know now!


Here I am!


I was just thinking about the Cadillac the other day! Hope he’s good!


Yay! Glad to have you back amongst us!


Im here! Been crazy busy but im back!


Caddy daddy in the house


I got split custody of my daughter and moved to a pretty amazing place


Dude, that’s awesome! Congrats man. You have been busy. Same town or did you pick a different side of the river?



Big pimpin!!


Congratulations man! God is good and so are you


God is great its really been an incredible life since I became sober. Being able to have my daughter 5 days a week is just the biggest blessing of my life. Makes all thw hard work and sobriety worth it!


That’s so awesome. Congrats on the house and getting your daughter.


Thats beautiful to hear :heart_eyes: And this place looks awesome, I’m jealous :blush: Enjoy your new life with your girl!


Fine ride and a sweet crib…just two blessings of sobriety! More time with your little girl…priceless!


Congratulations, @MewilHoward! Such great blessings!


Did @C-sun have her baby?!


Yes, see the “Sober Babies” thread :slight_smile:


Total Lord lead freebirth. The baby is a little boy and his name is Chalmer. Other than not gaining weight fast enough to suit the pediatrician he is perfectly healthy.