You are missed


Not doing too well but it’s fine, kinda used to it. Seeing a psychologist again tho


Don’t forget we are all here for you.
One day at a time remember that.
We all have our moments.


@JLS where’d you go?


Yoo who @louwho.


@Cobaltchris are you still around?


Yeah I miss him. Such great energy :zap:


@daffodil, still thinking about you


Same here. @daffodil, where is that lady?


@Purveyorofdoom0406…where’s that girl with the heavy metal hair?


Yes buddy im very much alive and still sober .im in a very grateful place regarding life it self:) thank u for checking up on me :blush: how are you doing? Life is so worth living with its UPS and downs .


I’m glad to see that you’re doing well. The forum collectively misses you.


Weekly shout out to @Twowaymirror. I know you’re around, but you should be around here.

Fix that damn bike. We are 1 mile from 400 miles this month


I’m back, I think…lol. I’m doing ok, had a family emergency, things are going in the right direction. Still clean and sober, not once did I think of picking up. Thank you for thinking of me :heart:strong text


Omg, yayyyyyyyyyyy, you’re back!!! So glad you’re ok lol


I’m ok, still in once piece. Thank you for thinking of me! :heart:


I was worried you were back in the hospital


Here I is, thank you for thinking of me :heart:


Not me this time, when it rains it pours but things are much better.


Good, I’m glad to hear that you’re ok and things are better but sorry it sucked for a while. We were thinking of you, as you can see! Lol


I was so surprised to come back to so many asking for me, you guys are awesome.