You are missed


Very well, thanks. Though I had a wicked mash up on my mtn bike a couple of days ago…Florida mud and roots 1, Sassyrocks 0.

Stepping away from Talking Sober forum (tho I do enjoy checking my sober counter, one and a half years in 3 days!). TS lost its luster for me, though I greatly appreciate the support of my early days. Stay well.


Oh no, I hope you heal quickly! Glad to hear you are well, come say hi from time to time so we know you’re ok :slight_smile:


Haven’t seen @Neighbrofthebeast668 in awhile, hope you’re doing well


I am solid.


I know but I like to hear how you are down there! You’re one of my heroes! :heart:


@Twowaymirror I see you lurking bro


Hahaha caught me!!!

I came on to post a thread and catch up, then I saw I was tagged… Then I went thru the meme thread. Clearly I need to step my lurking skills up hahahaha


Act like I ain’t gonna catch your ass…


I know right!!!
You’re the real ninja💪


Why don’t you share with the group where you’ve been lol


I’m writing a post right…,… Now lol


Thank you Mandi. That means the world to me. Congrats on your 6 months!!


Hi @LeilaBird. Thank you so much for the shout out. Maybe it is the thing I need right now.

Sadly, I’m not doing great. Right around the time I posted about the guac and chips my life got flipped completely upside down.

I am sure that I have mentioned it the past about issues with my husband and his work/stress. Work life balance was NOT good. Well, we went on our vacation and everything was wonderful. He was sleeping, he was breathing well, he was not yelling…all good things. But as soon as we got home it was back to “normal”…or perhaps even worse. The GOOD thing is that I have finally convinced him to get on medication and take some medical leave from work. His work environment was absolutely TOXIC and both his phyical and mental health have suffered greatly. His off work but that hasn’t lessened our home stress. He is trying to figure out what his future will be. If he returns to work things likely won’t be any different even after 6 weeks off. If he quits his job he will likely require a large pay cut in any new job he gets. Depending on what he might find for work we might need to move which will be very stressful, especially for my incredibly anxious 12 year old!! If he retires our retirement income will also take a LARGE hit (and I’ll still be working for another 10+ years).

I’ve been struggling with all of this…and yes, I’ve used a few glasses of wine in the evening to relax. NOT GOOD!!

I’ve deleted my Sober Timer app for now. I will be coming back eventually, it isn’t like I’m sitting here saying “I don’t need sobriety”. I’m just not in that place right now. I would have thought that with my husband home I would have more time to focus on myself but instead I have less. I am doing a lot of handholding and reasuring etc. AND I’m still doing all the taking care of the home and the kids…and doing a very bad job at it.

For now, I guess I’ll read through a few posts and hopefully get some inspiration to put down the damn wine!!


@Longhorn you doing alright?


I’m doing fan fucking tastic!!! Sorry I haven’t been on here for a while…I’ve been caught up with college and living an amazing sober life! How are you doing @Englishd?


Wallowing in sobriety and happiness lol


@alpine_1975 - here’s hoping your doing well.


One day at a time? We are all mortal and fragile. You and your husband can only do what you can with the energy and physical capacity you have. I hope his time off really gives him the time he needs to get healthy and plan his next moves.

I know the stress of a threatened move. My home is threatened by the city perhaps making my neighborhood unlivable. I cry about it sometimes. My neighbours and I are working on political action and lawsuits. It’s tiring.

That one lesson of AA applies to me here. Always acceptance. We might win, we might influence the election, we might not and either way I might have to move. My only choice is to accept it. So I grieve for the happy times I planned in the garden which I just finished last year and then move on to the next task. I am not religious but I think prayer must be much like acceptance. Acceptance involves building faith that you will get through this. You can handle it.

In these troubles I hope you find some relaxation options that don’t keep you tied to alcohol and its added problems.


@Seanfox787. Hope you’re hanging in there buddy


@Nullcorp. Hope all is well bro. The same goes for you @SobahCobra79😉