You Might Be An Addict If


Your google search history is mostly full of stuff like “white, round, M 65/52” and “blue oval pill G3721 imprint”


Ain’t that the truth.


A year later i just went to look up a white stripes song and a bunch of those searches popped up in the auto fill list lol


You jump out of a moving car…


You add vodka to the wine because alone it’s just not doing the trick!


You might be an alcoholic if…you take the random Costco boxes to the recycle and when you see the scotch box you think “I didn’t have enough scotch when I was drinking.” And your next Thought is: “what was I thinking?” -and then about five very vivid shameful really bad scotch episodes come to mind. Oh yeah


You might be an addict if… you get home from the pub at midnight but as you’re not wasted enough you start downing cough mixture. Even though there’s no alcohol in it you’re drunk and mixing it with booze is going to get you fucked up right :unamused:


If you look at a thing, plan exactly how all of it’s gonna go, then don’t do a damn thing because the immediate pay off isn’t there.

I may still have a thinking problem…


On your day skiing, when everyone is having lunch and drinks at the lodge, you’re by the fireplace checking in on Talking Sober! :heart_eyes:


Is this not what everyone does to pass the time? :open_mouth:


If your in spain, or even iceland and not even the nature there keeps you from thinking about drugs



You might be an alcoholic if you are too hung over to attend your best friend’s wedding… That you’re in.

If you see a commercial for a wine stopper and think… People don’t finish bottles?

You are so hung over at work that you have to leave for a train station to throw up

You wake up and your pants are in the apartment hallway for some reason


if you take up to 20 Pills on a day


Your crazy brain tells you to reward yourself for not drinking… with a drink.


This. This was me, Friday. Oh hey you made it a few weeks, good deal. Not a work night! Do what you want!

… Yeah no


That’s why you drink before eating …


You claim to drink to ease the pain of confronting the horrible things in this world…


You wake up in your living room without pants and your arm has club stamps but you remember spending the night at home


If you took your dose from your dealers house and on the drive home your throwing up in your car and outside of it down a major street, can’t stop bc your driving with no insurance and no registration and you finally make it home and decide to clean up the mess tomorrow and finally are pissed off. Not because there is puke over you, your car. But your pissed off you just wasted a 60$ hit of pills and have to take your second dose that was supposed to be for the morning…

Had to edit bc I forgot to mention, that I also hoped to find remenance of pills in the throw up bc you hoped that all the pills didn’t digest so you could use whatever was left.
Yes I sifted through my own puke to look for my 30mg blue oxys :man_facepalming:t3: