1st check-in, 1st attempt at sobriety

Hi all,

this is my first check in. First time downloading an app. First time truly attempting to stop drinking. It has always been the same cycle. Don’t drink during the week and get smashed on the weekend. The weekends got longer and the weekdays cut shorter and the hangover is worse and worse. Family and friends are starting to have that discussion with me about slowing down and cutting back. I am now on day 14 and we are passed Halloween in the holiday. I made it through :slight_smile: I was tempted to drink multiple times at different Halloween parties and it is also college football season. It’s extremely difficult for me to watch a game and not have a beer in my hand . My girlfriend has been amazing and has refused to drink with me while I attempt this. I was very tempted over the weekend and she refused and dumped out all of the alcohol. I love her. I am thankful for the support of my friends and family and hope I continue to stay strong.

I must say those for the first seven days were extremely difficult. Blurry vision night shakes night, terrors, insomnia. But with each day I feel better and better. I make it to the gym and go to work. Gym has been my motivation. I am finally starting to put back on some size and increase in strength. And hopefully as time goes, I will be able to check in with good results. Good luck, everyone.



Welcome to the forums! It took me several years on this site, to finally seek outside resources. For some drinkers it takes more than willpower itself. In many cases, drinking is a symptom of other issues; mainly deep down resentments. I, personally was drinking to cover expectations I had for my life that didn’t go my way. Every individual has a justification for themselfes to drink. For me, it became acceptance that 1. I was an alcoholic 2. I really didn’t like myself drunk 3. I needed a change. 4. None of the answers I needed for life was at the bottom of a bottle.

There’s a difference between being Sober and Recovery and healing…

I’m here for you, if you ever need any assistance. Good luck my Brother!


Welcome Randy! Congratulations on making the best decision of your life and for those amazing 14 days!!! Those first couple weeks are so hard and you’ve made it. Your story hits home for me because it sounds so familiar. I’m glad you’re taking steps now before things get a lot worse, because they sure can.

Don’t ever forget this! It can be so easy to start feeling good, better than ever, and then your mind will start trying to tell you that you can have the proverbial “just one.” One is too many because one becomes all the booze which is never enough! I would encourage you to make this post easy to access, whether it’s a screen shot saved on your phone, a bookmark, print it out or write it out in a journal (my personal favorite) so you have it handy as a reminder when the sneaky thoughts come in to drink again, because they will and it will help you stay strong to keep this fresh in your memory by rereading your own words.

I’m glad you’re here and I hope you find a lot of support and information that will bolster you on this journey. Read around lots and engage when it feels right. Lots of great threads to read for folks new here, these are some that have been very helpful to me:

Resources for our Recovery

Advice for the Newcomer

Change Your Relationship With Alcohol

And so many others. Some folks like to check in daily or frequently here:

Checking in daily

Hope to see you around and racking up sober days! Lean on us and all your supports when things get challenging. Welcome again.


So true! And such an important distinction.

Thanks for reaching out. I think you nailed it on the head for me with items 1,2,3,and4 something has to change. Drinking has stopped being fun and has created a person I no longer recognize. I used to get projects done and have 100s of relationships that I maintained. Slowly, I’ve let those relationships go. Argumentative for no reason. Drinking for no reason. I used to be an engineer and a problem solver. Now I get overwhelmed at the most basic situations and check out. I’m better than that and it is time to get back to the basics. I appreciate the support! Thanks.


Hi Rosa,

That is some great advice. I have been reading through quite a few posts this week. I have been keeping the daily journal and watching that counter keep on climbing. I am terrified of a reset. :eyes: I will look into the links you have provided. Thanks. It’s 3:20 AM where I am from. I have been having a lot of difficulty sleeping since quitting. I am hoping this will pass with time. I’m 39 and have been drinking for about 20 years. I understand my body will not fix itself in 2 weeks but I am excited to see how I feel at 30 days, 60 day, 6 months…haha you get the picture


Good luck, you got this!!!

I sure do get the picture, and it’s a pretty one because your body does heal itself and you’ll see some remarkable changes. I’m 40 :joy: and a couple decades of progressively heavier drinking takes a toll. I’m glad you’re getting to the gym. I really encourage you to get to the doc for a physical if you haven’t been recently. I was terrified to go out of fear of what damage I had done to my poor body, but I finally got the courage and wish I had gone sooner. I got great assistance and support and cleared my mind of the catastrophic thinking.

I started my recovery journey a few years ago and it took me a few attempts, some relapses (luckily none too severe) but having determination to get right back to it and learning from what went wrong is the best way to move forward. It’s good to have a healthy fear of relapse, definitely helpful to identify triggers and put tools in place to lean on when they happen. Happy to say I’m at a year and a bit over a month now.

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Oh, and the insomnia sucks! But it can get better, too. Look up some good sleep hygiene methods and stick to a wind down routine - it’s worth it. I still deal with bouts of insomnia, but that’s just me. It’s 4:45 here :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

I remember finding sleep Nirvana around day 35, the kind where you sleep through for 7/8 hours and the bed almost still looks made when you wake up.

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I am anxiously awaiting those days😴

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Welcome! And congratulations on the first two weeks. You have made it through one of the hardest parts. Not only are you experiencing withdrawal but you are also changing habits. That is not easy.

I’m just over a year sober and I am so grateful for the community of people here and all the resources they offer. I encourage you to really get educated about how alcohol and the brain interact. Read books or listen to audiobooks about it and get yourself to the point where you can see and feel the freedom of getting away from alcohol. It can be so liberating and rewarding to get your life back. Giving up a few minutes of inebriation in exchange for peace of mind, better health, less anxiety, and with time, good sleep is so worth it. I hope you find joy in this journey.

Reading about the journey of others on this app is a great way to stay focused on your recovery. You can access this community anytime and anywhere. I’ve “checked in” here when I’ve been anxious at a social event or fired up and wanting to drink. I’ve planned for sobriety in business trips and vacations and got some great tips and support from others to be successful. People are kind and readily share support.

I wish you the best and encourage you to keep on the journey to freedom!

Hi Lab,
thank you for the kind words, tips, and encouragement. I have only been on here a short while, and have noticed a strong sense of community with no judgment. Only encouragement backed with experience. I am definitely finding some good reads during my sleepless nights. I am truly amazed when I see people hitting the hundred day mark, the 10 and 11 month marks, the year and two years and five year marks. I can only imagine the dedication required to remain focused… people say they understand, but I can see the pitty in their eyes. Maybe that is my own self conscious. Either way I am glad I joined and will continue to work hard and use these resources. Thanks again! Congrats on over a year. That is blowing my mind.