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Good evening everyone! Had an average day at work, got to see Brian afterwards, but not really in a socializing mood (out of meds till Friday). We had a cuppa coffee and some chatting for about an hour. Gonna find something for dinner and a movie. Hope everyone is doing ok. :v:


209 days :sparkles:
Checking in. Still coming out of a bit of a crappy feeling rut. I think I can see my stress levels causing me to reach out for other crap vices like shitty eating and feeling sorry for myself.
But I forced myself to the gym today, and I’m putting one foot in front of the other. Things are going to get better. It’s just a bit of a bad rut.
Much love friends :heart:


Ahh you beat me to it :sweat_smile:

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I know! I was actually aiming for that. I’m easily amused! :yum:


Night 3, spent the whole day in bed. I can’t stop shaking, I’ve changed my clothes and sheets a few times already cause of the constant sweating. I can’t do this, I have to go to the hospital or something and properly detox.


Just dont pickup. You can get through this

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It’s your body ridding itself of the toxins. Tough it out and stay the course. Call someone to talk to. I’m still in my early stages of clean time but DM me to talk if you want


i failed… again… i want to die


Go to the hospital! You need more support than we can provide rn. I want you to be safe.


Hello friends. Currently traveling home from a wedding. Long travel day and the airport restaurants are all closed when I landed. That means dinner is a bag of Sun Chips from an airport vending machine tonight. And it looks likely that I won’t get to my house until 1:40 am. Blah.

On a positive note, I managed to capture this thing this morning!


Congratulations Drew.
Welcome to the 500 club.


Day 8, today was decent in pretty much every regard. Glad things haven’t really kicked off for me but I can feel the urges stirring up again. Gonna have to keep myself busy for the time being to ensure that I don’t have too much energy


Day 8. Morning checkin. Went for a long morning walk 8.22 Km. I am trying to substitute my alcohol addiction with endorphins. It’s working quite well so far. ODAAT.


Congratulations! Very cool! :snowflake:


Congratulations! Very cool! :snowflake:


Day 233

Today i waited for an email that never came, neglected some important things, and watched about 10 hours of television. :face_with_spiral_eyes:

I justified it by cleaning the kitchen and the living room, and doing laundry. I also went for a 30 min run but didnt stretch. But then it was pretty much eating and tv. Now its the time of day when im the most prone to excuses.

A lot is going on. Im so tired. Im so tired. Im so tired. And…i finally did the 15 min. It was long enough to do cat litter and laundry basket empty. My room looks better. My desk is still bad and theres still stuff on the floor but this is better.


Feeling good and proud. 60 days of straight clean time is my longest stretch in over 25 years.


Checking in. Day 17.

Halloween season has started. And my family and I have been busy this weekend with lots of gigs, including tonight.

I’ve been demonstrating custody of my eyes. That’s a miraculous gift from God.

Have a blessed night everyone.


Day 24
Yesterday I wrote about the fact that I feel less anxious right? This morning I woke up and felt terrible. I was thinking about calling in sick. But I don’t want the anxiety to win. I’m on my way to work, still sober, I’ll push through it.
If I really can’t make it I’ll go home. But I want to fight this! In the past I didn’t even try.
I know a therapy would be good for me, but most Doctors are closed for new patients and those who are not have a waiting list up to 12 months.
It’s a shame.
I’ll come back later to let you guys know how I am.