2020 Hiking Club (Walking Sober)

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New year, new hiking thread! My goal last year was to complete a 75km walk… Which I didn’t :see_no_evil: But I did do a 50km one which I am still happy with and I had some lovely walks.

A friend and I have spoken about trying to do the West Highland Way this Summer which is just under 100 miles, probably over four days. So definitely need to dust off the hiking boots and break the hiking hiatus of the last couple of months.

First walk planned for this Sunday :footprints:


Yesssss! I have to admit, I have been looking the most forward to this thread.
Love your potential future plans to do the West Highland Way. You should definitely go for it!
My goal this year is to do the Coast to Coast trail (Oban to St. Andrews - 128 miles).
Enjoy your hike Sunday!


Please post a few pictures for us. :sun_with_face:


I ran intervals for the first time in forever today. I hope to do some hiking soon.


I’ve not really been to Scotland (except a family holiday to the Highlands when young enough to not really remember, and a short stop in Edinburgh for work) so I’m looking forward to exploring! Will probably extend the trip a few days to have a mooch about. I’d like to visit Skye.

When are you planning on doing the coast to coast?

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Haven’t walked much the last months :weary:
So 2020 is focussing on healthy eating ànd walking for me.

Picture from an typical old Dutch house during a walk in and around Utrecht, the Netherlands.


Out for my first long walk of 2020 in the Peak District in the morning. Have a climbing holiday planned at Easter and I don’t want to spend it too hungover to climb like the last three. Glad to see other people also wanting to get out in the fresh air :woman_climbing:t4:


Yea we’re going for August so midges and tourists will be in abundance. But will make the most of longer days and my boyfriend is a teacher so he will be able to transport our stuff between stops!

One day would like to do a hiking/wild camping thing but for now the idea of working out the logistics of that (mainly what to take and how to carry everything) is too much so am just focusing on the putting one foot in front of the other :blush:

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Yea he is just looking forward to exploring the Highlands on his own I think :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: Win win!

Walk around the marshes with a friend, something like 6 miles. Nice and cold and fresh, and we stopped for a bite to eat after. Lovely to get out for the first proper stretch of the year. Flat route so a good one to ease back in with!


Wow that looks amazing! Great day for it too.

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I’d definitely recommend West Highland Way, I have not done it start to finish but parts of it and its such a beautiful part of the world.

Hope you do this and the weather is kind late August/early September is best for chance of good weather and less midges which can be a nightmare. Avon - skin so soft is good for keeping them away from you so make sure you get a couple of bottles at least :joy:

I’m hoping to go to the Pyrenees in September, as well as usual hikes around Scotland, Northumberland and The Lake District. I’m skiing in France in March and planning to do some ski touring lessons/excursions when there so can’t wait for that, not really walking but you do have to hike on parts.

I also want to go to County Kerry in Ireland to the Magillicuddy Reeks it looks spectacular there.


It wasn’t too clear a day but this is Glencoe a couple of weeks ago.


Oooo so glad I’ve found this thread, August last year I did the 102 miles of the cotswold way from chipping Campden to Bath. I’ve already signed up for the Coledale 10 peak challenge in the Lake District and hoping to do the Devon coast to coast Ilfracombe to Plymouth 99 miles


Oh wow! How long did the Cotswold way take? I have no idea how to prepare for multi day walking!

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These are brilliant tips! Pyrenees sounds amazing.

My yoga teacher is organising a hike and yoga break next year in Nepal which I am very tempted by.

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I really want to walk the Pennine way from Edale. I’m only 10 minutes away from the start so I’d start from Scotland


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Done it over 5 days. We set up a base camp and was picked up and dropped off at the start end and of every day


Been up a few Munros did the highland way many moons ago , Was up at Aberfeldy with my sons last year had a wee walk up Scihallion second time for me , also was down in lake district a couple years ago . Walking is agreat source of enjoyment and can meditate when theres no sound , in my young days me and my brothers the 4 of us used to back a wee tent and acouple of bob in our pocket and hitch up to Aberfoyle and fish and get wet and pinch tatties from fields and roast in fire and phone my mum to send a poster order to the local post office they were the days only me and my twin brother today miss my big brothers keep on trucking

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