2021 roll call - introduce yourself!

Creating this thread for everyone to introduce themselves - especially those who are new to the forum but regulars welcome too! :hugs:

Whether this is your first go at sobriety or you’ve been round the block a few times, say hi! :wave: Let us know what brought you here and let’s get to know each other.

I’ll start, I’m Sian and I’m one of the moderators here. My DOC (drug of choice) was alcohol, and I’ve been teetotal since May 2018. I quit smoking cigarettes in September 2018, although I had a relapse in summer I’m back to being nicotine free now.

I live in the UK and I’ve recently started dipping into Recovery Dharma, but this forum has been my main source of support through sobriety. I hope it is as helpful to you as it has been to me! :pray: :sparkling_heart:


I’m Ashley, DOC is alcohol. Not my first go around. Jenna Jameson on IG is the reason I downloaded this app two years ago. I downloaded it for the counter and accidentally came across this awesome forum. Alcohol has and will always be a problem for me.


Hi I’m the RedDragon, also known as Michelle. I’ve been on ST for almost 3 years now, my DOC is alcohol. I started with ST whilst I was still drinking and relapsing now I’m 2yrs and 5mths sober I live in the UK. I have done CBT, AA, SMART and Act recovery. I trained as a drug and alcohol recovery worker and volunteered in that role for 20mths, now I’m a housing support worker in a dry house and wet house which is paid work


Hi im just the old scots guy who trys to help my doc is booze not had any for 34 plus years now cigs 33plus years now , ativan 35 years now


Hello all :slight_smile:

Fargesia muriela of course is not my real name - what mother would name her kid after a bamboo species :thinking:
After nearly 1,5 years of sobriety I still choose to be anonymous. This is an open platform, so anyone can read and see our pictures. And due to the personal nature of some shares, I prefer to keep this at the level of privacy.

Anyway, nice to meet you all - newbies as well as oldtimers around here !

I started my journey here because my alcohol consumption had a bad impact on my anger, stress and frustrations. By means of the many different roads to sobriety (which aren’t that difficult at all) I slowly learned to accept myself, figure out some root causes of my many issues (autism) and come to learn and cope in a more healthy way with them.
Alcoholics Anonymous, Narcotics Anonymous, Acceptance & Commitment Therapy, Recovery Dharma and Mindfulness all are part of my toolbox and since they have a large chunk of shared foundations, I still use what- and whenever I find usefull of it.


Hi I’m Paul, sober today. The rest feels irellevent.
If I can help I will help :v:


My name is Manuel, i am from Argentina, i am struggling with alcohol since a while.

I can make it and you all can!

if someone is from my country please concat me.

We will make it !


Hi All! Im John, from Ireland, new to this site but already enjoying the community feel. My DOC is alcohol and I’m sober 12 days. Feeling great and very confident for 2021


Hiya! I’m Sarah. My DOC was booze. I’m 507 days sober thanks to this app and these wonderful folks. I was a night after night after night wine drinker for years. I had a lot of deaths in my life over the last 16 years or so and without realising it I drank more and more and more! Eventually leading to a breakdown 3 years ago. I believe in self love and self belief, if I could send hugs down this app I would! I have to tell you that it is possible to live a really good life sober! It’s hard and it takes work but this place is always here for support. I cant wait to meet all of the new people that are ready to start this journey! :pray:t2::two_hearts:


Hi everyone
I’m Lance. 713 days clean and sober. DOC was meth and had been using for 15yrs. Used all substances at some point in my life. Grew up in DV and father was abusive… Ive dealt drugs and also had gang affiliations up until 9yrs ago, when I entered a drug and alcohol rehabilitation facility. I was a manipulative partner and self centered person, choosing my loved ones 2nd.
My addiction resulted in a 10yr breakup… fighting for shared care with ex partner for parenting, loss of self, disconnection from family. Over my 9yrs in recovery I have relapsed multiple times but did manage to get 4yrs up. However, I carried lies into my recovery and never really got honest.

Today I have no secrets and I’m working on the 12 steps… properly this time. I have come to terms that I am powerless over my addiction and learning to recognize my defects for what they are… and awareness is helping me to own my shit. My biggest achievement is that I have a conscience and this is something I never listened too. I have my kids in my care today and I am also working in my community, supporting others through addictions and domestic violence. Love this forum and if anyone would like to chat more and support each other… Im open to that and happy to meet new people here. Happy new year


Hola, new to this site,love it so far. Not my first rodeo in the journey of recovery (doc is alcohol), have been in and out of AA for years, Women for Sobriety, SMART recovery, rehab 3 times…similar stories abound I know. I think I just never believed I could really do it and almost welcomed cravings just to have an excuse to drink?
2021 and I am determined this time! On day 7 now. :slightly_smiling_face: I know it won’t be easy, I am living in a tourist town where the focus is on beach and booze but I have a hubby and friends who don’t drink so that helps!
Happy New Year everyone and looking forward to going through this together.


Hi I’m Paul and I’m an alcoholic. 3+ 1/2 months into recovery.
My secondary DOC is crack.

I’m from north east England, and follow AA :hugs:


Hi I’m Lucas. Just woke up sober in 2021!


Hi all
I’m Laura, I’m 464 days clean from alcohol :upside_down_face:


Hey There, All the best for 2021!
I am Maria, initially got sober 4 years ago. but 2020 was a bumpy road on all possible levels and I lapsed few times.
I know I can do it and motivation is luckily getting stronger and more pure again. My main thing that I tent to cover up with alcohol is the not being good enough. So for me I need to again and again put myself out there and learn that I can have a place again in the world.
I have been on TS for a year now and learn so much and got to know the greatest people in the world.


Hey I’m Danni…

Self medicated for 17 years…
I’m at 5 months clean,
My DOCs were amphetamines, cocaine, opiods, weed and alcohol.
This app legit saved my ass!


I’m Graham. I live in England. My DoC is alcohol. One day at a time sober. Gave up ciggies 22 years ago. Love this app and forum. :grin:


Hello - My name is Charlie. I live in the southeastern US - my DOC is alcohol and today is my day 48 sober!


Hi, I’m Jesi. I am 55 days clean! DOC was heroin but I developed a garbage can addiction eventually.

I live in PA, but I’m a transplant from Upper Heyford, England.

I downloaded this app for the counter and stumbled into the forum and found my safe space.

I welcome you all to do the same as well.

As always, I am here if anyone needs me.


I’m Chris DOC was alcohol but like others I I developed a garbage can habit. I’m in VA imported from Pa.

Been sober 193 days, still working on kicking the cigarette habit,

Been doing what I can with AA, I have a great sponsor, but I need to find someone who has family life experiences, he cant relate to why I’m trying to reconnect with my family and my estranged live in.

As far as sobriety as a whole this is my first crack at it, and can be my only. I’ve quit before via white knuckling but not much time in never worked a program or went to treatment

I also suffer from PTSD, which can exacerbate depression and anxiety.

But one evil at a time