2022 Roll Call -- Introduce yourself!

Reboooting for 2022!

I’m Eke. Found this place and my sobriety (no coincidence) over three years ago now.

I was an isolating drunk fortunate to snap out of it before I lost everything. Life was miserable before that. I was just getting up everyday to go through the motions needed so I could drink at night. It was hollow, endless, and I couldn’t wrap my head around sobriety. I realized I became darkly apathetic and was going no where fast.

After reading around here, I figured if I really didn’t care, why not jump in head first with this recovery thing instead and see how that worked out? Surrendered to a lot of random advice from the forum, found a recovery program, and little by little found I didn’t just want to live. I wanted to live again.

And wouldn’t y’know… still here, still sober today!

I still don’t know a lot. But I do now know there’s nothing good for me in a bottle.


Goooodd idea @Eke

I’m nordique and I’ve been part of this lovely place since June 2020 when my drinking got to a point where it almost ruined my life. I had two choices: get sober or lose everything.

I chose sobriety and I still choose it every day.


Welcome to everyone new to the forum or to recovery! And hello to everyone still here! :smiley:
My name is Dana. I am a recovering drug addict. I currently have 3 days clean! Made it through NYE clean and sober :slight_smile: yay! 2022 is going to be a good year!
This definitely isnt my 1st time at recovery. I have been addicted to a number of different drugs over the years… meth, cocaine, hydromorph, extacy, and have recently quit my current DOC which is crack cocaine. Started using at 15… 1st treatment centre at 16, psychiatrists and counselling, 12 step meetings and more rehab at 20, more rehab and therapy and day programs in my late 20s, ended up hitting another “low” when I started shooting up (which I told myself I’d never do), more support groups and medication, tried the “geographical cure” and now I am currently 37. So it’s been awhile but never too late to change! I really seeing how this disease of addiction is so progressive :frowning: I am also a survivor of domestic violence and a survivor of the sex trade. I am constantly learning new things everyday and am thankful I’m still alive :pray: I used to be a chronic relapser. TS has been an amazing source of support for me. I am forever grateful to everyone here. Going to continue on being Honest, openminded, and willing. Continue to be vigilant and attend meetings :slight_smile: ODAAT (One day at a time)


Welcome @Frog_Hiccups! I know those feels. “Functional” isn’t such a high bar after all. :joy:

May you find the support and advice here to help you thrive again. :pray: :heart:


Hello, I go by flower and my DOC is alcohol. I am 36yrs and live on the West Coast of Canada. My drinking years began in my twenties shortly after the birth of my children. For many years, I considered myself a red wine loving/deserving supermom, but my disease lied and progressed. Over the last few years, with many attempts at going without and failing, I learned I was an ordinary, textbook alcoholic. Today I am 55 days sober and learning a new life and new me!!! I am so grateful for this place because it has been such a safe, welcoming and supportive place. Wishing everyone a very Happy and sober New Year!!!


Hi. I’m Larissa. I joined February 2021 after a complete blackout having promised my teenage daughter (I’m a single Mom) I wouldn’t drink again after the New Year. The look on her face and the feeling of dread inside after having “just one glass” that led to hours of … I still don’t know what … had me stop then and there. I learned here about crossing that threshold and not being able to moderate and not ever taking that first sip. To date I’ve held that promise to myself. It’s simply not an option. I never want to go back to that moment. And ironically, life is easier without moderation.


Hi Anita, welcome to the forum! :wave:t2:


Hi everyone, I am Amie from the uk London.
I am 95 days sober.

Welcome to you all, we are lucky to have eachother :hugs:


Hey all. I’m Dan, I’m currently 798 days sober. I was the kind of daily alcoholic who woke up in the middle of the night to pound a couple beers. I was extremely dependent, EVERYTHING revolved around drinking and it was the most important thing in my life. That’s extremely shitty to say because I’m married with 5 kids but it was my truth… that will never be my truth again.


Apparently I bite. Thanks @Dazercat


Hello!! I am Sassy, a native New Englander in the U.S. I am one of the moderators here and have been a member for close to 5 years. I found TS shortly after my final hangover after a drinking career of more than 40 years.

Today I am 1752 days sober from alcohol, 5+ years clean from cocaine, 6+ years free of Ambien and I just celebrated 13 years nicotine and cigarette free (after smoking for 30+ years). The nicotine and alcohol were a bitch to ditch, no lie there. It was a process that took me literally years, but is 100% the best decision I have ever made in my 60 years. This forum continues to be my #1 support system in sobriety and recovery. You can read more of my story here…

I hope you find the forum a place to gather strength, knowledge and heal within a supportive community.

We rise by lifting others. :heart:


This old scots guy came here 2016 just to help anyone who wanted my ex-perience on recovery , keep on trucking


Happy New Year all! My name is Owen and I live in Vancouver, Canada at 54 years of age, gratefully now in a loving supportive rewarding relationship.
I have lived through a lot of chaos like a lot of us here. I’m a garden variety addict where my DOC has morphed from solo sex to codependency in relationship to exercise to alcohol and nicotine and now trying to taper off with caffeine.
Despite neglect from a “loving” alcoholic father and an overly emotional mentally ill mother I brought shame into my life big time through relentlessly judging myself regarding my solo sex behaviours. I also have a mental illness, schizoaffective.
I was led to the 12 step rooms by a friend over twenty years ago and I have enjoyed support groups, various types ever since. My downward slide was in a dysfunctional relationship where I made her my higher power: love addiction. And lost a shit tonne of money to her. This was after losing my wife and 2 boys to my excessive shame and codependency.
I got into long commuting by bicycle to work which led to an exercise addiction and eventually amateur road bicycle racing where I was just living for the next race and training. There was good comraderie on the team and tons of endorphins but all the while still in my selfish bubble neglecting my children and running from my life.
Serious suicide attempt a decade later due to daily alcohol abuse use after a another relationship brake up.
I had found Buddhism through the 12 steps years back and I am still angry that Buddhism didnt save me from the attempt and my drinking-at-home alone abuse and isolating as I was devout.
After 8 years in Emotions Anonymous, step 12 and higher power shined forth a few years after the attempt.
I was fortunate to have employment as an industrial mechanic through all this chaos and am grateful for their leniency.
I now have two online meetings, Emotions Anon and Anxiety and Depression skills. With the guidance of my sponsor who is extra generous with his time for me as I’m on long term disability due to Schizoaffective.
Schizoaffective will not be the last word here LOL, the last words are fellowship and camaraderie.

Going on 6 months AF and active here a little over 6 months . I will now endorse for my efforts as we say in our group. :hugs: :hugs: :hugs:

edit: my relationships with my boys are improving and I know I need to be there for them and will be., You will be glad to know their Mom was exceptional in raising them with her new partner and are living mentally healthy and are even university grads, So proud for them here.


My name is Jan and I’m a gaming/technology addict. I haven’t gamed in over 2 years and haven’t abused technology for almost 24 hours. I struggled with motivation for a long time, so despite trying for one and a half year, abusing technology hadn’t stopped. Now I’m motivated by the new year and hope that that’ll be the higher power I needed.
I am 18 years old and from the Netherlands. I work in a supermarket which I enjoy a lot, most of the time. And I still go to school.
My addictive behaviour stems partly from autism as that has a lot of power when it comes to obsession. But the biggest factors were the first fiveteen years of my life. I was confronted with physical, mental and emotional abuse from my dad, I was bullied wherever I went, didn’t have my own home for a while (was lucky to have acquaintances who were willing to let me and my mom stay there) and I was confronted with a lot of death. Good times :sweat_smile: Obviously I did not want to feel all that pain, so I decided to hide in technology, mostly gaming.
Now I’m doing a lot better. I decided to get therapy last year which helped a shit lot.
And I have a dog called Bowie.

P.S. sorry for the bad formatting and illogical storyline, am lazy :grin:


My name is Jonathan recovering alcoholic ex drug addict been here on TS since 2019, struggled with substance abuse since my early teens finally getting a hold of myself after a lifetime it seems of hard knocks and hard lessons. 12-step programs and good support system helps me maintain my recovery. Happy New Year, God Bless you all and be safe out there.:raised_hand_with_fingers_splayed::grinning:


Hey all! My name is Justin, going on 37, been sober from alcohol form 42 days now and kicking around on this site for 42 days.
I’m over on the east coast of Canada, work in a small office handling the monitoring and support of security systems. Former singer in a thrashy/death metal band, music lover, wanna be writer, bass player, nomad.
This is my 2nd time with going sober, but this time I refuse to give up.


My name is Jen, I’m 10 days alcohol free. I live in California. I work full time in Special Education, I go to college full time for Speech Language Pathology. I’m a wife and mother of 4 teens.

My life is A LOT right now so in 2022 I need to check in with my well-being daily. I would really like to quit my job to focus on school but I really need the health insurance to continue to receive the mental health help I need. Im in my last semester of college though so hopefully I can pull through the next 5 months.

Happy New Year everyone! Happy to be on the sobriety journey with all of you.


My name is Daisy and Im from Ireland. Im 42 and married with 2 grown kids. I work with children with additional needs. I grew up in an alcoholic home and I never had control over my drinking when I started. After years of denial I asked for help. I joined aa and also joined this group 28 days ago and Im happy to say I have not touched a drop since then. Best wishes to everyone x


I’m Dan from Seattle. Sober for 3 years and 3 months, or 1,197 days as of Jan 1.

Alcohol was my DOC.

I was the “party guy,” first to show up, last to leave. I used alcohol to fit in and have fun, so much that it became a habit. Eventually it turned into an addiction. My life was crashing and burning in slow-motion. Something had to change. I found this place and it gave me the strength and tools to make a change.

I used to drink to fit in, now I don’t drink to stand out.

Nice to meet you!


Hi TS family, I’m Lisa, one of your moderators and been on the forum over 2 years now. I’ve been clean and sober from opioids, cocaine and alcohol for 28 months. My husband is also an alcoholic and addict who finally got sober 6 months ago. I’m the mom of a daughter with disabilities who is the center of my universe. I started my journey by going to a 10 day outpatient detox, followed by IOP and AA meetings. I continue to attend 4 in person AA meetings weekly. I live by the saying…My recovery must come first so that everything I love in life does not have to come last.