2022 Hiking Club (walking sober)

New year new hiking thread!

Went out walking for an hour or today which is the longest I’ve gone in a while. It was wet and muddy and I was with my Mum so we didn’t actually go that far, a couple of miles. But good to get up the hill again.

My next door neighbours are ill so I took their dog (Maggie’s mum) with us and they had a great time running around. Dog pics too big to upload apparently.

Having the woods right on the doorstep is something I will really miss if and when we move. But I’m sure there will be lots more good walks to discover!

Looking forward to seeing all your adventures :hugs:


I definitely want to do more hiking again this year. Right now it’s 1 degree F, so today is probably not the day!

I would love to explore that area in the picture. It’s one of my favorite types of aesthetic.


I’m out with the dog twice a day and try to make one of those a long 1-2 hour walk when I can, this was from yesterday in the north west of the U.K. :blush:


Wow that’s an amazing photo! Where abouts? I’m in Cheshire.

@EarnIt I live near a long distance walking route called the Sandstone Trail. It’s so nice! I actually walked it (35 miles) in 2018. Would love to be that fit again.


This was taken on part of the Waskerley Way in County Durham! It’s a beautiful route (albeit treacherous in the winter in some parts!)


Yes hiking and biking on hiking trails!


Walked in the Kennemer Duinen 2 days ago. It’s near the sea and a nature protected area.


Not heard of that one, but not been to Durham so that’s probably why :laughing: looks like a nice route though

A walk down memory lane today, Vondelpark and Oud-West.


Same walk, different camera. Fooling around with my cheap ass Nikon camera and Sigma macro lens.


A little hike in the morning.


Wow, gorgeous!

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Glad I did another walk yesterday. Amsterdam harbour has it’s own particular charm I think. It sure is quiet, except for some industrial noise.


Hey all hikers

These are some wonderful adventures you’re sharing.

I haven’t hiked in a while now. My life has changed a little bit, and I’ve been in the gym more lately. I have a few hikes planned in the area I live, so I’ll share some photos in the near future. Good day to all of you!


Took Maggie over to the marshes this morning, first time she’s been and she had a great time bombing about. A few miles, flat but muddy.

Didn’t take pictures of the nicest part of the walk :woman_facepalming::see_no_evil: with the blue sky and sun sparkling off the water… But still got this! Another part of my local landscape I will miss if/ when the move goes ahead.

Really love days like this. Cool, crisp air with blue sky and sunshine. Perfect January weather.


A few shots from my 18 km (11 miles) hike in Normandy, France today


Another dog walk through the woods. While I feel like I could physically walk for longer than an hour at the time, it catches up with me in the following days. So have been doing shorter walks some days but getting a few hour-long ones in too. Perfect walking weather again today, and less muddy as it’s been dry for a few days!


Sponsor took me on a snowshoeing adventure, new for me!.. Just over an hour long hike at Cypress Mtn , North Vancouver. Yogurt fuelled the exercise. :hugs::pray:


A nice 3 hour hike through the desert :sunny:


Hello everyone!

First hike of 2022 here, and it was kinda a blast, but more than I had bargained for. I went to an old B36 crash site. The trail was more like off-road navigation, as the trail ends in an arroyo and you have to be able to climb rocks and navigate through obstacles. Well worth it in the end, as not too many people know that the crash site exists. The wreckage has been there since 1953 and is well perserved considering the types of weather that exists here in the desert. Maybe it goes to show how things were built to last about 70 years ago, but I digress. If anyone chooses to explore this hike, you should wear hiking shoes (ones with grip), long pants, and carry the appropriate gear in case something happens. I got snagged quite a few times from all of the yucca (cactus) everywhere, so a pair of gloves may not be a bad idea either. The hike is about 2.5 miles in total (there and back), and the time it takes depends on your skill level, endurance, and persistence as there is a rapid elevation gain. There is also a log book that someone established in 2020, so that was a cool find as well. Note that several service members were lost to the crash, as it was a military flight. My heart goes out to them and their families. If you make it here, please remember that these men served during uncertain times. Maybe write and leave a note to them, even if no one were to ever read it. Just a thought.