Alcohol is wrecking my life

Alcohol is wreaking my life I’m fighting with people and my dr said if I don’t stop I’ll die. I realize I’ve been using it to cope. I’m just not sure how to stop


Welcome Aaron.
Have a good read around here. This place has been a great place for me to get support in my sobriety. Addiction is too tough to go it alone. We are stronger in numbers. And we are all worth it.


Here are two good threads to start:


We stop one minute, one hour, one day at a time, no matter what it takes. If i could give you some of my sober time i would. All i can do is share my experience. It was this site, sobriety books and sobriety podcasts that got me over the hump. I wish you the best, reach out if you ever want to talk.


You don’t need alcohol! It’s all bullshit. There’s no specific way to stop drinking. I hit multiple rock bottoms before I finally stopped. You need to just say enough is enough.


Welcome! There’s a lot of us on here that can relate. I suggest taking the time to read around the forum. Here’s a good place to start. Welcome to the forum! 2021 edition :slight_smile:


The way I stopped drinking was to put down that last drink (forcibly, as I was arrested) and never open a new one. Stop for just one day, you can do that. And that’s the start of staying stopped.

If you need medical help, get to a detox facility or emergency room.

Here is an excellent list of things that have worked for one of our fellows to get sober.



Welcome. I am glad you are here. Something you may not know is that we can choose what rock-bottom is, when we find ourselves there. Some choose early. Maybe they wake up one day and say “whoa…I must change or this may cost me a job or a relationship”. Some choose later, maybe after wrecking a car, or getting a charge. Some choose later still, after their kids are taken away. Some still later, waking up in a hospital, handcuffed to a bed.

Some never choose, and rock bottom is a hole in the ground, into which a box is placed.

The good news is, you are alive, and here. Choose your bottom. If you choose this point in time to be yours, it will only get better and brighter from here.

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This is when you stop and the way you do it is by doing what your doing now realizing it’s become a major problem in your life the way to do it is by staying positive and not being so hard on yourself taking it day by day and not thinking of tomorow or next week this is a process it takes time I’m going thru something myself and I made the mistake of going out last night I woke up this morning feeling like shit it’s not worth it especially if a Dr says your going to die if you don’t stop

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