Bring out your dead: A place to remember the victims of addiction

Whether you’re a fellow comrade in this war opiates are waging on us or not chances are you know at least one person who has died way too soon as a result of this poison fueled plague. I just got a call from a friends mom who told me they found her dead in her bathroom earlier tonight. Her 8 year old daughter was the one who found her and had to call 911. :disappointed:
These calls have gotten way too frequent for me and I dont know about you guys but I’m getting really tired of putting my friends and family in the ground. The saddest part is knowing that before it’s all over my dad and at least 3 other people in my own family are gonna be in here I’m afraid.
I’m starting this thread as a place to memorialize the ones I’ve had to bury and lay a few virtual flowers on the graves of a couple I havent thought about in a long time. Feel free to add to the list of you would like, as a matter of fact were an all inclusive family here, if you know anyone who has died as a result of indulging in any addiction be it an overdose, a drunken car accident, an std, a suicide, whatever let us help you mourn them so they aren’t forgotten.
Maybe when the list gets long enough it will motivate some of the newcomers to the app to join us and stay sober, to be honest I cant think of many better reasons to quit than not dying alone in a dark room with a needle in my arm or subjecting a child to the trauma of having to watch their parent die in front of them.

  1. Michael L. - 2003

  2. Corey H. - 2011

  3. Amber M. - 2013

  4. Sean H. - June 22nd 2016

  5. Ed M. - November 9th 2016

  6. Nelson H. Jr - August 17th 2017

  7. Alyson R. - February 10th 2018

  8. Erica Y. - July 15th 2018

“Oh but you and all your vibrant youth
How could anything bad ever happen to you?
You make a fool of death with your beauty
And for a moment
I thought that love was in the drugs but the more I took
The more it took away yet I could never get enough” - florence and the machine

I love you all: the people on the list and you guys reading it as well. To those of you who provide the inspiration I need to get up and fight this bastard itch every day thank you. You are a large part of the catalyst that make this one day at a time thing work for me so I can stay off this list myself and for that I am more grateful than you will ever know.


Alcohol and drugs ended her life far too soon.


Jodi, I love you.


R.I.P. Nicolas N. 2018. 32 years old. Wish you understood how much you were loved, cherished and needed.


Nick S. June 2018
Eddie H. May 2018
Chris G. March 2018
Jesse E. September 2017
Ted B. February 2016


Brenda W. June 2007
Michelle W. July 2007

My two beautiful angels, your deaths have not gone in vain. I am carrying the message and your messages to those who still suffer in addiction. But for the grace of God go I. Much love to all.


Thank you my friend.

I have had so many it would take me forever to remember the dates so I’ll list my 3 most prominantly missed ones.

My father, Gunnar H, died Jan 17, 1997. Primary addiction alcohol


My aunt Carla H, died Sept 17, 2010. Primary addiction alcohol


My ex, Carl K. died June 16, 2013. Primary addiction, heroin.



Rip. Alex. Rip littles.


RIP BJ I will raise our daughter to remember the good times and the amazing father u were :heart:


My dad. Part of my childhood was great but the 2nd half was rough due to his alcoholism.
Ultimately, it killed him on Oct 1, 2012.
I miss him so much.


My Ma. Alcoholism made it impossible for her to manage her mental illness, and her family had her civilly committed when I was 15. For all intents and purposes, I lost my Ma then, even though she passed last year.


My dad alcoholic. My best friend past away last year sober.


So today has been a bit of a mixed bag, got really shitty news this morning and then my boss did something to make things a little bit better whi h I will post in another thread. I woke up to a message early this morning that 2, possibly even 3 of my friends back home overdosed together and died last night. Two of them were gone by the time the paramedics arrived and the third is in the hospital on life support and it isnt looking good for him at all. The one who is still alive (I’m not gonna post his name here yet and jinx him) is an ex girlfriends sons father, he and I didnt get along while I was dating her but we made peace and actually became friends after she and I split, I stayed friends with both of them because of their son, he lived with me from the time he was 1-5, I think of him as my own kid, and i still talk to both of them for the sake of keeping contact with him. What makes matters worse is his dad was busted for heroin possession about a month ago and I’ve been talking to him a lot, trying to fulfill my duty to the program and carry the message by telling him how much better my life has been since I got clean. Hes had the desire to stop, he just hasn’t had the willpower…he hadnt hit his bottom yet…sadly last night I think that might have changed and I hope his bottom wasnt the end. Any of you that will please add him to your prayers, for his sake and for his sons, that kid is 10 years old and hes been sitting in a hospital room confused not knowing if hes gonna have a dad tomorrow :disappointed_relieved:

Daniel H. - August 30th, 2018
Jason H. - August 30th, 2018

Rest in peace my friends, hope to see u again some day. Jason and I actually listened to this after our friend Nelson (a little further up my own list there) died a few years ago, so it seems fitting to send those guys off with it…


Ah buddy - I can’t begin to tell you how sorry I am. Sometimes I think the cruelest part of addiction is when it robs children of their parents. I have and will continue to pray for Daniel and Jason - and for you as you go through the tough days ahead. You did all you could. Love to you, my friend.


I’m sorry man. Love you

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I’m with you in spirit. Call me if you want to talk. Much love :heart:

I’m heartbroken for you, the families and especially his 10yr old son. We know all too well what this disease can do to us mentally. It’s beyond brutal. Your friends were tough & fighters… they were just fighting for the wrong side. I’m grateful they got a glimpse of sobriety through you & I’m sure their memory, will also be a powerful motivator for you in the years to come :heart:


Shit. Im really sorry to hear that man. Ill keep your other friend in my prayers.

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My mother. July 15th, 2008. Started drinking age 46. Died age 57. Killed herself by alcohol overdose with blood alcohol level of .46…kinda weird same number as age she started drinking. I miss the mom who raised me…my sober mom. The mom I buried was dead years before her last breath. I’m choosing to live until my last breath…sober.