Checking in daily to maintain focus #44

Day 16 today clean.
Still not sleeping perfectly but getting better.
It is getting easier and easier with each passing day. Good luck to all.


Checking in Sober Sunday ODAAT, you guys are the best. :v::green_heart:


Welcome!! This is just the best place to stay sober. Everyone is so supportive.

Check in everyday is my advice, and keep yourself busy at those trigger points of the day. :+1::+1::+1:


Checking in on day number one after a night of drinking and feeling like crap mentally, physically, and spiritually. I want to be held accountable so here I am :blush:. No going back! Thankful y’all are here. Thank you @BrianP for making it easy to find the check-in lol


What incredible strength you have to be around this environment! I hope I can be as strong as you! Sorry to hear you are going through this though…


Hey, you found the thread! This is also a great daily one:

I also love: Meme Wars 69 No Politics Please


So sorry about your family but so thankful for your sobriety! Praying for your family :innocent:


Checking in, day one. It feels great to get up early on a Sunday and not feel shaky or head hurting. I went to bed early last night and up early today. I usually end up wasting half the day sleeping due to a hangover. Today I will focus on grocery shopping, cleaning my house and getting a list together of things to do when I feel the urge to drink (which starts to creep up Wednesday in the middle of the work week). My bad days are always Friday and Saturday as I don’t drink the nights I have to work the next day. I’m determined to be well prepared for the weekend coming up and setting my decision not to drink in stone before then. Here’s to an amazing Sunday everyone!


Today is day one for me too after a relapse with drinking. We got this!


I haven’t had a really traumatic life, but I have had a pretty disappointing life. I’m not saying that to be whiny; I’m just elucidating one of my character defects. I give up too easily. If I don’t feel like a long term project is going to come together, I tend to just walk away. This is very bad for my sobriety because I have usually dealt with discouragement by relapsing.
When I was working, I would reward myself every paycheck with another piece of camping/hiking gear. My intention was to hike the Tahoe Rim Trail, and after that possibly the Camino de Santiago. After hiking 3 miles back home this morning, I don’t think that’s going to happen. I had to stash my tent and sleeping bag (total weight: around 7 pounds/3.17kg) so I could make it home. I’ve made that same trip, fully loaded, 3 times already but now I can’t. I have to take the bus to the trail tomorrow and hope nobody stole my stuff. Very disappointing.
I am still sober though!


Good on you for starting again, least you’re not letting the relapse last months or longer. Just don’t ever quit quitting. :v::green_heart:


I’m sorry you’ve had to feel disappointed. I hope you had a lovely evening/night, though. It sounds like it’s time to get creative about how you can still experience some piece of what you are seeking in nature within your new physical parameters. It’s absolutely doable, but you will have to rethink your methods. I’m grateful for the times I was able to go backpacking, but my feet issues mostly prevent me from being able to do the long treks with a pack, so I’m starting to think of how to get what I’m looking for without hurting so badly. And letting go of the ideals and expectations I have is the biggest hurdle to finding a way.


I actually did have a good evening. Last time I camped there was autumn and leaves were falling, leaving the area slightly exposed. With all the growth in the area now, it was absolutely pitch black except for fireflies.
I know I’ll have to replace all the stuff I just bought with lighter gear. I never got into the “ultralighting” movement, like cutting straps off my pack or cutting the handle off a toothbrush. My approach was “I’d rather be strong enough to carry the gear I’ll actually need.” But that seems to be not an option anymore. Looks like I’ll be confined to paved trails. :frowning_face: But it’s better than not getting out at all. I’ve been looking at lightweight options for the Big Four (tent, sleeping bag, sleeping pad, backpack) and I can probably get my base weight near or below 9 pounds.
Edit: Completely forgot I have AllTrails installed on my phone. I can find suitable trails whenever. :+1:


Day 22. We had a very long day yesterday traveling but we made it to Miami. I felt like drinking yesterday but realized I had not eaten very much and chose to eat dinner instead of getting a drink. Food was really what I needed. The whole family is doing well. Today we’re relaxing by the pool. I have made it 3 weeks AF. I’m not going to drink today. Have a great day!:sparkles:


Good morning to all, (morning here for me) day 13!Feeling pretty well today. I previously mentioned I was worried for the weekend as we had no plans. Turns out I thought we had no plans :rofl:. I had my daughters soccer finals yesterday (6 year olds) placed second. She was so happy to get a :trophy: . First season for her. Had my friend’s son’s bday right after that and I had committed prior to go see my cousins band at the house of blues. Thursday and Friday were a little hard with cravings so being at a concert where everyone would be drinking including my mom and sis did not feel like a right choice for me at the moment. I haven’t hit my 2 week mark which I will tonight at 10pm :pray:t3::wink::tada::tada::tada:. I felt if I went I would probably give in and drink and that would probably had lead me to drinking today. So I opted out of the event. I’m happy I did. Woke up this morning sober, rested, happy and ready to do it all over again today. Feeling blessed and excited to hit another milestone.

Some shoutouts:

@Daishippai Nice, time seems to move slow yet next thing you know you’re on to the next milestone. Congrats on your journey.

@Mindymoo miranda a reading and a coffee early morning by yourself sounds like a self care treat nice. Congrats on day 5 if I’m not mistaken.

Same for you @HenryandAnnie congrats hitting 5 days.

@EFountains no anxiety is great :blush:. Hope you are feeling amazing.

@Penninepete @Pedrom1990 @Piglet86 @Krystalbetts Congrats on day one. You are all on the same journey. Glad you are all checking in.

Wonderful day to everyone checking in today.

ODAAT :pray:t3::butterfly:


I agree with you. Staying busy even if it’s with work is better than not having anything to do. I go back to the office Monday and I am hoping it be a busy day for me too.

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What a wonderful choice you made for your sobriety L. Congratulations on 13 ODAATs
If that’s your weekend without plans I can’t imagine your weekend with plans. I’m glad you’re here.
Again. Very impressive decision you made. We all got choices.


Thanks @Lovelyoutlook. I was beating myself up big time because I was feeling SO good physically, mentally, and spiritually and I made a dumb decision to drink. I’m so happy to be back on this journey ODAAT! I can’t look back or forward too much; have to live in this day, in this moment. Congratulations on your sobriety! We just have to keep doing the next right thing.


Thank you. This community has helped a lot. I learned from other members if an event doesn’t feel right for you at the moment you are not bound to it. Had I not had that perspective I most likely would have gone to not feel guilty on bailing out on my cousin. I understand that I need to protect what I’m working on for myself and that at this very moment in my life is the priority.


Yes, you are right on point. The past already happened and the future hasn’t come along yet. We have this moment here right in front of us and that’s the one that matters and making it through that instance sober is already a victory for us.