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Hello all,

Checking in in Day 1,419 Sober.



Nice work twinnie :raised_hands:
Be awesome to display both (a) total years and (b) number of days, at the same time… I keep changing the display on mine because I like to catch cool numbers lol. First world problems I know :see_no_evil:


I have three separate counters running, each exactly the same except for how they are calculating time.
One is whole days, another is days down to two decimal points, and the third is in years.
All I have to do is swipe left or right to swap between them and see the different calculations.
Was the easiest way I could think of to quickly see what I wanted.
If you really wanted you could add new counters for as many of the different time counters as you like… even all of them if you were keen.


Ahhhh of course!! :sweat_smile::upside_down_face:

Checking in Day 1112. The house is full of sickness with 4 out of 5 down for the count but none of it is caused by alcohol. That’s a win in my books.


Seems simple… Yet it took me a long time to think of it.
I am not a smart man at times


That’s quite an accomplishment and wonderful continuation of this thread!


Huuuuge number! Way to go Chris!


Day 467!! I’ll take it!



Still here! I have been struggling. Feeling and remembering all the bad while in addiction. Laid charges on my ex’s other child mother the one he cheated on me with. She assisted me three times, and slashed my tires. Last incident was six months ago . Police aren’t able to proceed as my cowardice ex won’t call them back. It’s frustrating I feel like I’m being revictimized yet as I’m moving along to family court this should help with my case.

Completing step 2 this evening with my sponsor…I believe God has restored me to sanity(lol…in progress).

Business in works…need to put more energy into.the new my business instead of the old my ex

Missed you all. Missed checking in. Felt I was holding on without breathe at times. This is my breathe…checking in. Will restart my daily checking in.

Serene 24 :pray:t4::yellow_heart:


Hey all, checking in on day 731. Huge thanks to everyone for their congrats yesterday. You guys are the best!


Day 673 afaf

Jogged continuously for 30 mins this morning, a pb for me. I think the cool drizzle helped. Did some work and websurfing, and an AA meeting. I had reached 100 days of no binge eating but the pressure of the milestone, some sweet things hanging around, tiredness, I don’t know, but I slipped on that score. I am not going to stress it though, counting days is not my friend for food, so I am just going to focus on eating healthily odaat.


Day 733 clean and sober today. Have an amazing day everyone, love you guys!!! :sunglasses::metal:t2:


On day 5. The sunny weather is giving me mad cravings…


Weather effects me too to use. Just keep remembering what alcohol causes u. That sunny joyful day wouldn’t be pleasant anymore with alcohol and drugs around. I found doing something fun outside in that “triggering weather” or going for a nice walk has helped to sort of retrain my mind on how weather triggers me to use drugs. Hope ur day is great! And congratulations on 5 days!


Another day in recovery…

I over did it yesterday. Pulled six aquariums out of the garage to clean for the yard sale. I did it slowly while hydrating like crazy but the heat got to me and I spent the rest of the day taking it easy and napping. I have to remember I’m not 20 anymore and not in the best health. I tried pushing through it but in my mind I suddenly saw @Matt eyeballing me and saying listen to your own suggestion and go lay down :joy:

Had several good talks with different family members. Have a teen grandson struggling with self esteem and I let him know he was seen and heard. Sometimes that is all we need rather than someone trying to fix things.

All in all it was a good day and I felt at peace with myself.

Sitting here with my morning coffee looking forward to a blessed day ready to handle anything life throws at me. Have a beautiful 24 hours, my friends. :heart:


Checking in on day 10! Still going strong :two_hearts::muscle:t2:

I was supposed to go to a meeting last night with my friend but the brownies I was baking weren’t setting up in the oven (had to leave them in there over an hour instead of the 35 minutes on the box) and ended up missing it :sob: she invited me to come even if I was late, but I felt too guilty and rude walking in and interrupting sharing time. There’s another group on Thursday so I will go to that one.

I hope everyone has a lovely day and please take care of yourselves if your area is experiencing a heat wave (looking at you @SassyBoomer :rofl:)


Morning all, checking in day 15 clean

Third day in a row I’ve started my day with a short run. I like this. The feeling after running is positive: it’s like a calm satisfaction. There’s also a feeling like a pressure valve has been released; it’s helpful. It helps me stay constructive in my mindset.

This week has been steady, moving forward on some personal and some professional projects. I’ve been playing the guitar more this week, working on my fingerpicking technique; I’m glad to be doing music. I used to have a negative / discouraged attitude about things that took day to day practice (like exercise or music) but something these days is different. I’m not sure what.

My wife and I heard that there are some preliminary meetings happening about us at our adoption agency about next steps. Still have no idea of timeline but I am feeling some excitement. It’s been 3 years so any step forward feels nice :innocent:

I’m nervous about work. Nothing specific, just kind of a dull hum behind my day to day life. I’ve had this for years: worried I’m forgetting something, worried I’m moving too slowly. Partly I think this is my ADHD brain always itching to act, any action is better than no action; partly I think it’s a restless fear that I’m not doing enough or I’m not doing the right thing, again related to ADHD, which has had me hitting brick walls and questioning myself since I was a child.

I’m still saying special prayers every morning though, since Jan 2022, taking some morning meditation time, and it is having an effect I can feel. I am more grounded than I was a year ago, in a noticeable way.

One step at a time folks, that’s how we do it :innocent:

Haha @SassyBoomer good for you! Rest is what we need :innocent:

@Misokatsu good for you on the running! It’s a nice feeling in the morning isn’t it?

@Lotusflower sorry to hear about that - these battles are exhausting - take time to rest and care for yourself, and focus on things that are growing; you’ll grow with them :slightly_smiling_face:

@AyBee what about 525,600 minutes? How do you measure, measure a year? That’s a cool trick, I like it, keeps it clear. Good for you on the 3.1 years!


Thank you so much :blush:

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