Fail, fail

I made it a week sober and then fell hard this weekend. Right back to drinking, smoking and being promiscuous. I didn’t go near as far as I use to but still disappointing! Hopefully I do better this round.


Being fearlessly honest with yourself and your sober supporters is essential for recovery.

You fell. You’ve learned something about your pathway to relapse. We’ve all got them - take what you’ve learned & use it to change for the next time temptation shows up.

And most important - never, ever give up on yourself. You’re a good person who deserves a safe, sober life where you can be your full self. You can do it if you stick with it & never give up. Take care love :innocent:


Have you been to a meeting yet? Online or in person. If you haven’t you should try one out; don’t be shy, you can feel free to listen and get a feel for it:
Online meeting resources

And some others:
Resources for our recovery


Oh momma, I’m sad to hear this! Well, you now know it’s really not worth it. YOU are worth it though; a good life, self respect, all the good stuff that drinking has no part in. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


same here, maybe not promiscuous I should be so lucky, but we keep fighting the fight.


Try try and try some more you will get there,have hope,faith and a shed load of determination.:pray::pray:


Keep working toward your goals!!!

I too had a good week then had beer, wine and then some gin. Not good. Started again with hopefully more resolution this time. Trying to keep focused. One day at a time.

You can do it :heart::heart: I’m reading a book called My fair addict and it is really good. It probably doesn’t work for everyone but other people’s stories help me keep my mind right. I wish you well this go around


I hope you are able to get back on track! Regroup and refocus, you got this!

I’ll have to check that book out, i wonder if there is an audible version. I love others stories too, thats why im so hooked on podcasts!

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Keep getting back up and fighting!

I noticed - this post was from the start of the weekend, about when you describe your relapse (or at least relapse thinking) starting:

Would you say negative self-talk about your body is something that comes up often in your thoughts?

Is negative self-talk a common early step in previous relapses you’ve experienced? (Is it part of your “relapse ladder”?) How does alcohol, drugs and sex play into that? What deeper, unmet needs are these behaviours masking?

I’m exploring a bit here and please fee free to tell me if I’m off the mark. But you should know: you never have to feel bad about yourself. You never have to feel unworthy. You are a good person. I don’t know what people may have said or done to you before, or what you may have been through - but you are a good person who belongs and you matter. You matter a lot.

You’ve spoken about how addiction has become a problem for you. Can I ask - what are the “steps” that tend to happen for you, on those addiction pathways? The “addiction ladder”. Most of us have regular patterns addictive episodes follow. Charting these out, writing them down, planning some escape routes and people we can turn to for support - this helps us maintain ourselves healthy and balanced.

What are the emotions, thoughts, and behaviours that are part of your “addiction staircase”?
(Obvs if you don’t want to share publicly here no worries. But it is something worth thinking about, and especially for making it work longer term, it is something you’re likely to find very helpful. :innocent: )


Same for me day 6, I gave up my sobriety after 65 days. I was doing ok but now I have to go through hell week again.


I got it from amazon. I’m sure they have it available in audio also

Is it “My fair Junkie”? I couldn’t find what you mentioned.

Going to group therapy and hearing everybody else during with the same problems helps me a lot. And listening to some of the people that are court ordered there, have lost their kids, etc… really hits home with me reminds me what all I have to lose. Glad I decided to take that step now rather than later.


You had a stumble now get back up, dust yourself off and walk tall !!

Keep this in your head and remember it next time when you thinking of drinking again. It doesn’t bring you happiness…

You are worth way more :blush:


Thank you again everyone for all the support!


Anytime MommaHope. You’re a good person who is searching for herself. You will find her. It will take time and honesty and communication and effort - but you will find her.

You always have a home here. You belong. You’re a good person & you deserve to feel good about yourself.

Take care love & keep checking in. If you like you can browse through the check-ins here - it’s a nice way to stay connected:

Don’t hesitate to reach out if you’re struggling. There are people here all over the world. There’s usually someone on. Reach out & ask for help, anytime :innocent:

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