How many days, months, or years have you been clean and sober?



Be good to your self helen. Maybe take a bubble bath and let your muscles and mind relax. I promise it will get better. Had almost 10 years clean and sober, now I am starting over and coming up on 8 months on the 27th and loving life and myself again. Please remember Helen that alcohol is cunning and baffling and above all must be respected. Stay in touch with positive people in your life that want to see you succeed at sobriety.


6 days 13 hrs. 6 meetings and a sponsor. One day at a time.


Well done everbody this old Scots guy still sober


70.5 days!!!


Is your clean date 11/2/2017? @anon34614660 we may have a triplet!


On day one.


Today is day 450. If you are struggling, ask for help. Because help will always be given at Hogwarts to those that ask for it :wink:


Almost done with day 2.


Glad to see you back around! I feel like you were gone for a little bit


7 days! I just started naltrexone today , this is my first time using this I hope it helps me start sober.
Feeling a liter anxious over the Weekend and honestly I really don’t know what to do with my life that doesn’t involve drinking … I just realize how much of a deal was the alcohol.
Lasts night I even dreamed about big glasses of wine and would wake up sayin no no !
I hope it gets better !


It will get easier but you have to work for it. Check out some different meetings, get some exercise, try keep yourself occupied.


It does get better. Each week gets easier, but you have to find things to do to fill the time. For ideas, search the forum for “activities” - people have posted a lot of suggestions. You have to distract yourself. Also find some special non-alcoholic drink that you love, and work a program. Good luck! You can do it.


3 months is my best!


Yes I’m going to the gym a little later and … I’m looking for some online meetings. Here in my town there’s only one AA group on SaturdayS
Let’s see what I can find


I’m going to check it right now. I have family visiting and they all love to drink , we used to stay in rest. For hours jus drinking and talking. Later we might go to the beach but all I can’t think is … alcohol … I’m going to bring a good thermo with some ice te that would do the trick.


Yes, I’ve found that when I am around people drinking it is critical that I have something non-alcoholic that I like in my hand at all times. Do they know of your problem with alcohol?


They all know I try to quit but they insist I don’t have a problem I don’t even try to explain. My drinking got really out of control y the past 6 months. All the people I know drink heavily and that’s ok if they don’t have a problem. But in my case it’s taking me to places I really don’t like.
They keep saying : you can have one or two , but I know That’s never just one.
I live in Puerto Rico and alcohol is very well accepted all the time. Lunch , Brunch, you name it. Beach time, kids party’s , bbqs , and it’s hard to find people that doesn’t drink. My husband family they can start the day with mimosas and keep drinking till the day is over … it’s not easy … but I have to do it.
This community is my main support and a friend back in Mexico that’s in AA that I text in what’s app. My sister and that’s pretty much it. Now after a huge fight that I got with my husband while I was drunk , he’s more supportive and understanding that I need to stop.


That sounds a lot like my friends and family. My gramma, God love her, supports me but can’t wait until we can have that special drink. I may go to my grave regretting that one as it’s literally like her dying wish. I agree with @Ninetales, I always have a drink in my hand and I’m always sipping it. Keeps my hands busy, my mouth full and “should” keep people from popping booze in your hands. I just sit now and listen to them all talk when they drink and chime in as it works out, I actually love being sober because I can remember the conversations and watching them reaffirms exactly why I’m not drinking.

Pop in here anytime you need a pick me up or motivation, someone is usually on and if not the boards will remind you why you want to stay with us and keep adding one more day to your tally! :slight_smile:


Just heading to the beach right now. And I’m
Bringing this book about feeling good not drinks that just got in the mail … and it’s already 3:30 so I won’t be there so much time :s
I’m not even thinking that today is Friday I just want to get to one more day sober.!
Thanks so much for your replays it really help me feel I’m in the right place and doing the right thing