Runner/Walker trying to get healthy

A place where we can share our progress to getting better.We have destroyed our bodies for years lets build them back up!


I got my morning run in trying to beat the heat


I just started back running, but need to get my speed up. This is going to be my new challenge! Will start posting the progress too :facepunch:


I think I feel a half marathon calling my name too :thinking::thinking:


Used to walk for miles in early sobriety hill walking in the Highlands still do some walking now especially when im cutting the grass on a 2 acre hotel grounds keeping fit body and mind is important take it from this old scotsman it does work


Continuing the discussion from The Strava thread:

I did maybe 8full marathon .But now I have to stop running for years cause knee operations .I missing running so next marathon maybe Amsterdam .But have to wait hahah

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Took a long time to get there! Running is my jam, keeps the cravings at bay


Impressive,over 6 miles is no joke

I used to love checking into this thread back when it was active: Runner's log. Maybe we could get it started again! We used to run and take sweaty photos of ourselves to post! Can’t beat that, lol!


Yeah we all need to get healthy that’s just the name of the game and something as simple as having some encouragement like be able to post your accomplishments and hearing a few kind motivating words goes a long way



8 minute miles is a damn good pace

Thanks I’m working on getting better times but I’m just enjoy getting that 30 minute run .im 47 so my fast times are probably behind me lol

I do the free version.i like that it will tell you your pace


Also almost no ads on that app either

I was able to walk 4 km several times this week and close all three rings which made me so happy. It’s really hard for my watch to register “exercise minutes” so when we went walking around town I got tons of steps but no exercise minutes…so closing that ring took a lot of work.


I hope I can keep it going this week but today was mostly sitting in the car and will be doing the same again tomorrow.


First run of the week


Not bad…

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I want to start running so bad. I am getting rather pudgy in sobriety but I also miss the endorphins. I always do better with a place to check in. Yes I’d like to trim up but I also want to feel as good physically as I do mentally in my sobriety. Does anyone have tips on how to get started?

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Hey Ash I think it’s as simple as starting in a flat area ,like a school track and walk a little and run a little til before you know it you are running more that walking,get you a good walk /Run app so you can see your gains.I to like to have a place to log runs it is great motivation.Best of Luck to you now lets get in shape :muscle::grinning::sweat_smile: