Truth and tough love


Guilty of using the word. Though I’ve taken to the understanding, “Hope is for aiming the arrow. Action looses it.”


There’s profanity, and there’s obscenity. I don’t curse much, and I don’t cuss. “Hell” and damn are said by me when appropriate. I can be profane, but I avoid being obscene.


Just today i was about to say in my aa group that further on i HOPE to be here more often, but corrected immediately that i WILL be… it does matter


Lol for the last hour since u and @TMAC posed about it the Terrence and Philip “Uncle F***er” song from south park has been playing on a loop in my head :pensive: :laughing:


That is a toughy to take in but I can see it… This looks like its on my daily practice then! Resentment prayers. :pray:That’s a reply to a post from Nov 18 BTW if seems wierd reply!


Which i have not seen yet, coyotes, snakes,owls, Bobcats, black widows and scorpions but alas, no javelina…


This was actually the topic at my noon meeting today. People were laying down some fire!


One of my all time favorites.


Totally what I have done in the past, I was gonna go to a swim class tonight but have decided to stay in all day (called in sick, again) to focus on day 2 rather than focus on ‘getting rid of this hangover as quick as I can so I look seemingly alright for work’), spent 2 days reading threads and read the blue book twice through… Rereading the chapters. Good thread.again sorry it was a post from Dec 18?!


Well thanks

Now it’s in my head :joy: :hear_no_evil:


My favorite episode is where the townspeople freak out over a news story on child molestation, want to build a wall around south park but don’t know how, ask the owner of the Chinese restaurant to do it, because Chinese build great walls.

Every time he tries to build it “Stupid Mongorians try tear down my shitty wall”.


Ha, one of my favorites, too. My co-supervisor and I (when I was in my old position at work) used to say “Oh, hello Mongorians” alllllllll the time


Welcome to shitty wok, home of the shitty chicken!


I really like that analogy of higher power! thanks… My true self.


Lol, i just watched that one again the other day…had em all wearing that child tracker thing with the satellite dishes :joy: i cant pick out a favorite but the top 3 for me are cash for gold, cock magic, and the toilet saftey administration…“excuse me siiir, i just need to check ya aaaasshoooole” :laughing:


Im not proud but admittedly, I am pretty foul mouthed. I’ve always attributed it to 1) Being a chef 2) Being British and 3) Being a delinquent. And it is always in context. Im really noticing now that brits swear a lot.


As part of working my 6th and 7th step I have actually found that I have been able to reduce my swearing a good bit. I still have my bad days though. Here and in real life. Progress not perfection.


Agreed. Hope is for a desirable outcome of things that are out of our control.

“I hope Nickelback comes to concert in my town”

“I hope the weather is agreeable tomorrow for my Nickelback themed BBQ”.

Hope is not for the things that are in control, like “I hope I don’t kick myself in the teeth on purpose”. If you don’t want to, don’t do it, that simple.


So this is probably going to rile some people up, even for this thread.

But if you can’t get sober yourself, you really shouldn’t be telling other people how to get sober. It’s cool to share your experience and say what didn’t work for you, but the whole “you need to do…” Is bullshit. How you gonna tell someone what they need to do to get sober when you aren’t.?

Also sober means sober. Not just abstaining from your DOC. Don’t come in here bragging about putting down A, while still doing B and C. You are obviously missing the point.

This is mostly a personal view of mine so take it for what it’s worth. But if you feel like I’m personally attacking you (I’m not) then good you probably need to hear it.


suggestions tho are okay? Not telling ’ you need to do this that or the other’ I agree, but there is the small steps of suggesting what worked and that’s part of a fellow helping a fellow… Maybe?