TS Zoom meeting: Saturdays - see original post for time

Today 11/04/2020

See @Frank68 post below

7pm - UK time
1pm - USA Central time
2pm - USA Eastern time


I’m up for it


I’m up for it :slight_smile:


Sounds good to me too :blush:

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I might be up for something like that.

Oh fun! Might miss it though. Little man’s bedtime

I’d be up for it when are you thinking about doing it :+1:

Sounds good. I do have a paid account. I use it to teach classes.

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Maybe plan it for an appropriate time next week. It would have to be at an appropriate time to suit all time zones

@Frank68 you could host then :sunglasses:

Looking at time zones it’ll probably have to be evening time in Europe and will be the afternoon time in America

The other way around it would be early hours of the morning for us

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I’m up for it

You can turn the video off. :wink:

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I’m in if you do this @DarrenUK

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I’m outside of Chicago. What’s the time difference 6 hours?

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I would be up for it. I have a paid account:)

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When are you thinking @DarrenUK?

How about tomorrow guys???

So 7pm UK time?

So 2pm ET


I’ve got some deliveries to do this evening but should be back by then :blush:

That’s good for me thanks buddy :+1:

It’s 6 hrs difference for CST to UK. So he’s suggesting 7pm today which will be 1pm for those of us on Central time.