Why do we have Drinking dreams?

Anyone else get these? I dreamed that I bought a keg and was trying to take it to the river. But I could not carry it. Why do we uave these? Do they mean anything?


I look at them as get out of jail free cards, just our subconscious mind working they say. I always try to process and make sence of them myself but the important thing for me is that i wake up sober. Some people may romanticize theyre past use and set some urges off but if your pretty solid on your path in sobriety it wont much deter us. Its good to talk about them sometimes to help relieve any pressure they may bring


I have them too. I have heard we dream about what we think about before we go to bed. Not sure if that’s true but maybe there’s an underlying urge you’ve managed to bury before you fall asleep. Maybe it’s the addiction trying to find a new way into your psyche. But one thing is true - you didn’t actually drink and that’s a win!


OMG I have these dreams too. Sometimes they are so vivid, that after waking up, it takes me a few seconds to realize that it didn’t happen and then I’m relieved. I’m 21 days AF.


I typically have one or two drinking dreams a month. They seem to be completely random. They don’t happen at times of more or less stress or around any major events. The oddest part for me is that I have absolutely no desire to drink. I guess it’s just my brain reliving old habits.

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Dreams, can be, a manifestation of what your brain was thinking about, prior to going to sleep. Mix in different life events…they can get pretty wild. What helped me with drinking dreams…reading a good book that had nothing to do with sobriety before I went to bed.


I’ve also had dreams about other things that greatly occupied my attention. When you commit yourself to an undertaking as large and involved as battling an addiction, a significant portion of your prefrontal cortex is engaged in your recovery. As you sleep, the same neurons that were firing to keep you focused on your recovery may stay active and play out different scenarios as dreams.

It’s the brain’s way of reminding you that alcohol or whatever it is that has been occupying your attention is important to you and doesn’t want you to forget it. That can mean either way - that the drug OR the recovery are very important to you. Which one depends on your mindset


These dreams are weird for me, but i wake up feeling so relieved that it was just a dream ! There are quite a few threads about this iv looked at a few weeks ago try searching in the search bar you will prob find that helpfull too.

Sometimes i see my dog running in his sleep.:rofl::rofl::rofl:makes me wonder what animals dream about or how much different their brain works than ours?:grinning:

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