Checking in daily to maintain focus #21

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Keep it rolling, y’all! Day 825 here. :sunglasses:


1Y 1M 6D /

I finally made it it to my destination. Now, I have to settle in and familiarize myself with my tasks. I believe I’m into week 2 of not smoking any more. Thank God I did it too because the sale of tobacco is quite limited here. Have a wonderful day, everyone ^.^


@Dazercat Eric that’s so funny u mention the one that I have my heart set on. The little orange one in the corner !


I’m reposting here on the new thread. Twas a tough 150 at times!
Thanks to you guys, I definitely wouldn’t have made it on my own.
Having a little thing going on in my life rn, send good thoughts for it to work out.:heart::slightly_frowning_face:
On a separate note, I was just out on my porch and a coyote was running through my back yard!


Thank you, sweetie. :kissing_heart:

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Very impressive Donna!! Congratulations on 5 months. Love you and sending good vibes.



Thank you, sweetie. I’ll take it.:kissing_heart:
I know; I was a stubborn one, lol

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Me too! But twas a very small coyote running across a roof.




:rofl::rofl: that was funny @Eke, now get off that roof before you fall and get hurt.


I had to bring kitty in, didn’t want him to get her through the screen!


Hello Friends. Finishing up a very successful day 4 at a meeting. Had another crappy start to my morning as I was short and argumentative with my wife over some issue we are facing together lately (not my drinking). After a few minutes, I came into the room again to sit with her. I apologized and we had a very nice productive conversation about it. We came to an agreement on how to handle it. We are facing it together (we’re on the same side in this). The rest of the day was very nice.
I even had a quick surprise visitor - my wife picked up our grandson from his daycare for our daughter as she couldn’t get away from work. She stopped by our house on the way to bring him home and he ran into my office and hugged me, yelling ‘PaPa!’. It was a very nice treat. He is a really sweet boy and lots of fun to be with.
Anyway, had a great day 4 and looking forward to #5.
Have a great evening! Here is a recent picture of David


Checking in on day 18.
Life has been peaceful, quiet, a bit boring, and pretty darn good the last week or so. :slight_smile:


Day 748. Anxiety was sky high all day today and then more and more bad news kept piling on. But no matter what, I don’t have to drink over it. Some days are about getting back to basics. I’m sober and grateful.


Day 21 of sobriety…


Reply’n a couple days late on some of these because… that’s how I roll. :laughing:

@dazercat Congrats on 300 days! That’s awesome! You’re doing so amazing!

@dragonflygirl82 I love that! I definitely feel like it’s a message from Moose. He obviously loves you so much. He’s always going to be with you.

@apes2020 I love that toxic positivity video! Thanks for recommending it. I 100% agree!! Also, OMG~~~ those kitten pictures~~~!

@anon27760155 Glad to hear your operation was successful. Feel better soon!

@CATMANCAM I’m so sorry to hear about your cat! I’m really glad you were able to get Prince booked for dental surgery. I hope he feels better afterward!

@truckinmonster21 You know, I get so behind on this thread that I will scroll through and look for things to jump out at me and at first I thought your dash board lights were little pumpkins. Of course it took less than a second to realize what they were, but I thought it was funny. Stay safe out there!

@anon86726034 I love Young Guns. Such a good movie.

@Mephistopheles So many do behave like shit and it’s really unfortunate. It makes me wonder where the world is going. The rest of what you said really resonates with me, but we can only be who we are. Hang in there, friend. I always really appreciate your contrabution to the forum. It’s not always easy to reach out, but you do, and that matters.

@anon79808082 150!! That’s awesome! You are awesome! Congrats!


Glad you watched it :heart_eyes:… I love all of spirit sciences YouTube’s…its stuff we generally already know but so much amazing stuff that Is explained in a unique way :trophy:

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Keep stackin’ days, Charlie!

You are an absolute champion getting to 50 sugar free :trophy:… I just ate half a packet of biscuits after telling myself yesterday enough with the sugary carbs lol… I really do need that pet monkey to train so it can hijack my sugar treats right outta my hand lol :joy:


Hello, friends. Checking in on day 80. :grin: