Checking in Daily to Maintain Focus #22

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First! Is this still a thing?


Thank you for starting a new thread @Salty. I didn’t get a chance to congratulate @Hidden before the other one closed.
Huge Congratulations Chris on your 1 year soberversary!!!

congrats fireworks


Day 767. All is well. Getting back to knitting and yoga. And building a boat, which is pretty rad. :bird::rainbow:


Checking in. What a nice congrats gif. I’m happy to be here as a non drinker.


Thank you very much!


@Hidden big congratulations :tada: on one year!! That’s fabulous :clap:t3:


Day 141.
Before I caught on that the other thread had filled up to 2500, I just saw that I couldn’t reply and thought, “ah, finally they realize I have serious issues and they’ve taken away my privileges to post”!

Phew! Issues aside, I’m a latecomer to so many parties…

@Penguin 90 days!

@Soll 3 months!

@Hidden happy birthday! 1 whole year. It sounds like the sheer heft of your sobriety just helps to crush up the stress, a bit at a time. Thanks for being around here – super motivating to the likes of me to see numbers like yours!

@anon12657779 whoa. you practically invented sobriety :laughing:
Seriously, very inspiring. I have a few questions - like, a term paper full of 'em - on your post to Lisa re expectations. It’s consistent with what I’m reading about healthy detachment, i.e. being engaged in life and work and relationships but not attached to outcomes, especially those outside our control. It’s a lot to wrap this head around and put into practice!

And all of you, all of us. One more day - its wins and woes, trials and triumphs - we did it. Together. :relaxed::orange_heart:


@anon27700620 Re: “Actually, hurling while underwater isn’t really a problem…” LOL. Maybe not for you…!

Seriously though, that’s an incredible video. I’m grateful for the share and opportunity to live vicariously through others’ pursuits. Especially since I’m not actually interested in scuba diving myself – I think I would find the oxygen thing tricky / anxiety-provoking. Is it?

That said, it must feel so different than our “on land” reality that I bet it gets a person sucked in once you try it. Does it feel a bit like time is suspended? Or not at all, because of the potential for oxygen to run out?

I hope you get to do your trip to the Red Sea! If not January, then soon after.

I’m thinking of opening up a travel thread on here for more vicarious living… the one thing I really miss is travel. I love having an adventure to look forward to and it’s just hard to plan with things the way they are now. But I’m hopeful that one day things get worked out with covid and I will find myself on a trek in the Himalayas, in a tea house, far away from sharks! :laughing:


So jealous! Once upon a time I was working 3rd shift. I was so bored on my days off that I broke out my Naval Science books and drew up “blue prints” to a boat I designed. Never got around to building it…but it was a fun process designing it.


Happy 29th anniversary @Lisa07, wishing you loads more to come.
Congrats on your year soberversary @Hidden, keep stacking them days ODAAT!
@Penguin & @Soll great job at 3 months sober.
Blessings and sobriety y’all!


Checking in on day 2. Hope you all are doing great. I’m struggling a bit but will be fine.


Late night check in. Just got back from my meeting, picked myself up the sponsor I’ve been wanting. He has 26 years, he’s a old timer and his knowledge is deep, Everytime he speaks I hear me. Tonight we talked about what lessons we have learned in early sobriety, that was the topic the speaker asked. I was sitting there thinking holy fuck I’m 9 months sober and I don’t know what lessons I’ve even fucking learned. Then one guy said, willingness I was like ahhh yup ok, another said humility I’m like yeah kind of, another said honesty, and idk just on and on. I realized tonight I need these meetings, and I need to do these steps because me personally I’m not actually learning much or addressing things I need to. I’m sure yes it would all come in time, but nah I’m done doing it my way. I need to listen to the sober old timers who are gonna get me through this for the long haul. @Olivia I am sorry, I was in the heat of the moment earlier, and just idk I always got put down my hole life by mother or peers for trying to be funny and have fun. But yes on a sobriety forum it is definitely something we should all be mindful of. I geuss its nice to say that it actually does not bother me so much anymore, but I have to remember that it does still trigger other. So much love anyways take care everyone


Day 3 sober and done. So tired… off to sleep. Hope everyone is persevering! Sobriety is such an amazing gift and state of mind.


Checking in on day 3.


We can learn alot from old timers for sure :grin:… But the person you learn most from at the end of the day is the person you see smiling back at you in the mirror :wink: ultimately we are our best teachers :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


week one Down :blush:… Knowing that I just got through 6 months and came close to relapse only a few times, and only relapsed once for two days, gives me strength and hope for the nxt 6 months… If I made it through 2020 clean with all the ridiculousness that 2020 brought apon all of us, I have high hopes for 2021… I feel good about 2021… I feel like a lot a great things are going to begin In 2021… :rocket::blush::hourglass_flowing_sand:… Not long left of 2020… In looking back at all us on here together in TS, I think we have all done remarkable work and done it all together for each other, with each other, and I think we are all blessed to have each other here and to have this little corner of the world to come to together, our little community of such strong amazing humans that we are grateful for each day… Being away for the week that just was, really made me realise just how special we all are together here… It’s a community to be proud of… We aight’ :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::house::trophy::pray::kissing_heart:

  1. I’m doing pretty good atm. My first therapy session was postponed by a week. It’s OK. The new file system at work is shite. A big dissappoinment but too bad. My shoulder and my ass are both doing soso. I’ll work on them and make it better.
    It took me nearly 18 months to get where I am now. This truly is a one day at a time thing. Baby steps. Three steps forward two steps back. It’s hard work at times and only now I am slowly starting to see what is actually ment by that. Just like I’m starting to see it is all worth it. So much so. My head is in a much better place. I’m beginning to feel what my heart is saying to me.
    Keep going friends it’s so worth it. Have a good day all. Sober and clean. Love from Amsterdam where tomorrow the museums will reopen. Just booked a ticket. My favourite photographer’s work is on display.

    @Hidden HUGE congrats Chris! The big one!
    @Penguin Three months is awesome, gratuliere!
    @everyone Congrats to all of you! We’re in this together.

Hey everybody!!! It’s been awhile! I’ve been so busy with life. Back to work finally and with treatment and my meetings it gives me very little free time. I did want to check in with everybody though. I hope you’re all doing well.
I GOT MY 30 DAY KEY!!! I made it to a month!!!


Ok so I’m not a millionaire, I don’t live in a big beautiful mansion, and I definitely don’t drive a Lamborghini but my life has never, never, ever, ever been this good. And the more I focus on sobriety and cooperating with my sponsor and listening and paying attention to what’s going on in A.A life gets better, and the bullshit that goes on in my head becomes lesser and lesser. Thank God there is a way up and out of my own bullshit.