Hey all, I was hoping we could start a thread (or maybe you can direct me to one!) that showcases creative outlets everyone’s been using to occupy their time :slight_smile: I’ve been really into Lego and my Cricut - sometimes together!

(My current theme is Friends :joy:)

What about you? What things have your created?


The Packers…?

That’s a one off. Green Bay Packers (NFL team :grin:)

Post your legos on the thread I linked below. I would love to see them. That thread hasn’t been active lately but I think reviving it is a great idea to inspire others.

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Oh no. I get it! I just didn’t know people admitted to being fans… :rofl: :joy:

I’m just kidding… Wisconsin has great cheese. :cheese:

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We all have our flaws, that’s why we’re here, right? :joy:

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Here’s another thread that I find very interesting:

Then we have an artist thread;
Show the artist within you (Part 2)

And here’s a DIY for your home projects:
DIY Home Projects


So true. So true…

BTW, your baby puppy is ADORABLE!

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Oh thanks :smiley: he’s a perfect model :innocent:

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Thank you!!


And another crafty one here :grin:


Anyone do needlefelting in here? I have not done it but want to try. Also, I want to make some of those cute weaving and macrame things for my house.
I am a painter, but It is my job. I want a hobby!