I want to stop but I'm scared

I’m scared.
I have failed several times before.
I have gone without drinking for a few days before but the most I got was three weeks before I failed. Again. That was two years ago, the most since then is about 4 days.
I started drinking to help my depression and being alone. I keep drinking to help me sleep and because it’s habit.
I’m also scared of withdrawal although before the three week stint I was drinking up to 16 units a day and I had only minor withdrawal.
I want to stop. And I don’t want to fail.

Currently drinking 12 units a day during the week, up to 18-20 on weekends.

Help me please.


Drinking will just prolong the withdrawals. Best bet is to just get sober and feel like ass for a couple weeks, just maintain life.

After the feeling like ass you can start to actually recover pieces of the life you used to have and new ones from a life you desire but have never had.

The only thing standing in the way of your sobriety is you.

Wish you well, getting sober isn’t easy.


Hi :wave:

I found this thread recently, it’s an FAQ so lots of links to really useful stuff:

You can also use the search function if there’s something specific you need but I find it helpful to have everything in one place. I have bookmarked that FAQ post.

And of course whenever you need to reach out there are lots of people here to listen and advise! Everyone has different stories but I’m sure you’ll find lots you can relate to :blush:

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Can I ask what you mean by detox? Do you mean a rehab stay or a juice diet for a few days…

Ok. Thank you for explaining. I didn’t mean to belittle it to a juice diet, I just wasn’t sure what you meant and I was trying to clarify.

A stay in a clinic isn’t possible for me. No-one knows I drink like this. Plus im a single mum with two jobs. I have to work.


Don’t be scared you’ve taken the first step by joining this site. I’m on day 19 and haven’t managed that in years. There’s is loads of support here And don’t be afraid to ask anything no matter how trivial it may seem. In honesty you need to be more scared of keeping drinking . The long term outcome can only be really bad. Good luck and check in here regularly x


Can I ask what physical symptoms I can expect in the first few days?

Two jobs spread over the year - term time main job, school hols 2nd job. I drink in the evenings.

Well done on your fight. I hope to have that too.

That’s a difficult question. I’m going to have to mull that over. Thank you.

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Thank you for your kind words. No not a teacher, I was a TA for 8 years and now a nursery practitioner for the last 3.

I want to do this. But the stuff I read about giving up say it is rough and that you are never cured, that it’s a constant battle. I have no support, how can I battle that alone? I want to but is that enough? I thought if i knew what to expect then i could do it but now I think my whole life is going to be this same struggle but harder.

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Maybe you should move this to under the influence so I don’t trigger others

I was so scared in the beginning…i cried my eyes out the day I quit…me…cried…big…manly man, ex military…cried…it is hard…and yes it will be something that is with me my entire life…BUT…

the joys, the benifits of being sober far out weigh anything and everything alcohol ever did for me…

No support…hush…you got us…a group of imperfect people fighting together to be sober.

You are here…that means you are strong enough to look at yourself and know you have a problem…that means you can do this…


No support…hush…you got us

Thank you, that’s what I was looking for from here.

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I didn’t read your post as triggering but if you are going to post under the influence hopefully you know where the seeking help group is for future reference :blush:

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I believe. Alcohol opens a door to who we truly are inside.
Thing is, we don’t need alcohol to open that door.

Maybe try a meeting meet people there who have gone through what your experiencing now wish you well


I can’t go to meetings. I live in a small town in the UK where everyone knows everyone. I don’t think there even are meetings here unless at the community centre. I’m a victim of DV. I work with people’s children. I cannot show weakness to these people. I have to do this alone.

Those reasons are just your disease talking to you in your own voice. Many people here and in AA are professionals in good standing in their community. I go to meetings with judges, lawyers doctors and teachers. What makes you different from them? Don’t discount a program of recovery before you even go. Go back read the threads of people who try to do it alone. The results are often horrible, and rarely good.


Ok. Is there ANY other support or advice other than ‘go to a meeting’…