Show me your transformations!


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Did you get a new job or promotion after getting sober?
Before & After pics
Show the world your transformation!
How have your looks improved

I like this idea.
I’m going to have to make one.


Oh wait, you said transformations…


:joy: more than meets the eye


Do you like the new you? Do you ever miss the before?


What’s not to love?! I look better, I feel better, my bank account is fatter, and my butt and gut are smaller.
Sometimes I miss going to the bar to get wasted. Usually when friends talk about sunday funday, or patio drinking, but I sure as f don’t miss it enough to go back. My life is 110% better. Sober is definitely better than the alternative.


You look beautiful. You should absolutely be proud!


You do look amazing! And it must be awesome to reap the benefits of sobriety. Where you able to stay on the wagon without seeking help from others?


Left- 3 years ago, at the peak of my addiction
Middle- 10 months ago, 2 months before sobriety
Right- present day, 220 day booze free.


I used this app, and have a big support system in my friends and family. :blush:
I tried AA before, but it really wasn’t for me. Once I got through the first 90 days, it got soo much easier. My attitude towards sobriety changed from it being punishment, to being positive about everything sober. It really has changed my life.


That is an awesome transformation, thank you for sharing!


:pray: Thank you. Amazing what consistent healthy eating and exersice can do.


I haven’t really transformed yet as it is only 15 days and I can’t stop having chocolate. Feeling low. But you are great inspiration :+1:thanks for sharing this


I ate sooo many sweets at first. :joy:


Will it stop :wink:


Unless you are battling food addiction there’s nothing wrong with eating sweets in early recovery. It helps keep your endorphins balanced and actually helps with cravings. I quit smoking cigarettes so I’ve been eating a lot more so I counter it by exercising more


30 days clean


I ate like a horse the first few weeks and didn’t care a whit that I did. It leveled out and I am back to my normal apetite and dropped 15 lbs. Just got back into Krav after 2 years away and got the bike tuned up, so I’ll be losing more as the weather warms.


Yes! Keep it up!


You will even out eventually. :blush: i didn’t start seeing a difference in my body until about 6 or 7 months in. Be patient. It took you a long time to get where you were, and it will take awhile to get where you want to be.