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Ooooo…ooooo.oooo me first me first. Good morning everyone day 410. Things are going going good. Man I shared a couple days ago about having really bad nightmares and being held down in my bed, well since smudging my room and putting crystals on every compass corners of my room and crystal in my pillow I haven’t had one nightmare, I sleep like a baby now. Yesterday I was super grateful to buy my girls some new bikes for spring, we sat down and they picked there bikes out on amazon. It was really cute, autumn was so worried about making sure the bike have a baby carrier on the back so she could take her baby for rides. And my youngest just had to have elsa bike. There were a couple smack downs in between all this just in case your wondering :joy:. I was able to insure my bike yesterday which I didn’t think the company would do it but they did and for cheap as well. Ordered a tattoo kit and fake skin going to start practicing, parts for my Harley will be here Monday :heart_eyes:. Much love everyone happy Friday


Day 169. I haven’t checked in on this thread in a while but figured I should. Glad it’s Friday. Adjusting to life with my new jumbo rescue dog. Lots of dog kisses and fur everywhere. Snow is melting and everything is drab & brown so I look forward to green grass and trees budding. Hopefully not too long now but I’ll beware of our “fool’s spring” and “spring of deception” as likely another dose of winter on its way :rofl: :canada:
Have a great sober day, everyone


Yes sir I certainly am


@Tommo great post Tom !
Loved reading it, very easy nice to reckognise that process of learning to understand and find your own personal higher power !


I believe that applies to Michigan too


Haha definitely!

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Good morning friends - day 125! Feeling a lot better this morning, but still sound a little like Barry White (google it, kids)… We had some heavy rains yesterday and that cleaned the pollen out of the air, if only for a little while.
Work started out busy, but I was able to knock out a few pressing things right away… when this happens, I have to remember that my off-shore teammates have been busy too and didn’t just leave all of this for me so I wouldn’t be bored. :slight_smile:
I got up a little early this morning to wish my sister-in-law (who has been staying with us the past week) a nice bon-voyage… she drives back to her other homes today… She is retired and widowed and splits her time between Memphis TN, Birmingham Alabama and here in Jacksonville, FL. She is a retired Chemical Engineer and one of my favorite people on the planet. We get all geeky and talk science when she is here. :slight_smile:

Have an awesome sober day!


Happy Friday, all!!! Checking in sober, Day 437. Had a rough day yesterday, but did some angry cleaning and all is better. Today is a new day, ready to face what comes then have a weekend!


@Mike_Lamica…sounds like you are busy…but great busy. Choosing new bikes? An epic feat!! Seriously, new bikes in a child’s world is huge. I have to say, though, that I always shake my head when I see how kids just leave them lying around in my neighborhood. Having your bike stolen when I was a kid was earth-shattering.i guess they figure Mom and Dad will buy them a new one. OK…nuff about bikes. :rofl:

Happy Sober Friday!


@Tommo Great share, I am agnostic, and I am
muddling thru the steps somehow, so ur post was really inspiring.

M7 D8
Had a lovely evening, took an evening stroll with the family after dinner to a second hand shop, picked up a board game cheap because the instructions were all in English. It was very simple, almost entirely based on blind luck, and my son randomly had the worst luck playing it, screams of “What? Again? Why me?” and my daughter was gleefully sending his pieces back to the start. I do wish my husband would join in but he is always “tired”. Anyway, good times.


Slow learning ? Look at how much we learn in just a short amount of sobriety, compared to the years of drinking before…
It’s fast learning frmm that perspective, faster than ever !


Hello all,

Checking in on Day 966 Sober.



Good morning TS family. I just wanted to say thank you for all of the love and support yesterday! I’m not the best at @ing and tagging everyone who acknowledged me because I have the attention span of gnat. But, I appreciate every single one of you. Have a wonderful day beautiful souls!


Day 281 clean and sober today. Whew it’s going to be a rough one but I know I’ve got all of you praying and keeping me in your thoughts. Love you guys very much, thank you for everything you all have done to help me. I’ll be checking in later today I’m sure. Have a great day :sunglasses::metal:t2:


My thoughts are with you.


Hey all, checking in on day 278. I hope everyone has a sober and peaceful day.

@Rockstar24777, I posted it already in the other thread but can’t hurt to say it twice…thinking of you and Corey today :heart:


Board games with the kids are the best. Our kids love them, but they love nothing more than playing them with us. I have got home from work before now to finding our 8 year old playing monopoly…against himself. :joy:


Checking in sober at the end of day 75.
Another dry Friday night. Love it. :boom::muscle:t2:
I ‘came out’ as a non-drinker to some friends earlier today. I was getting a lift home from work with some good friends and one of them asked if I was still on the wagon. I looked her in the eye and calmly said, ‘I wouldn’t really call it the wagon any more, I think I would call myself a non-drinker’. That may seem trivial to some of you, but it felt quite big to me.
Had a bit of conflict to resolve at home this evening. Nothing major, just run of the mill family stuff. Instead of just losing my mind and showing a lot of anger, as I may have done in the recent past, I unpicked it calmly and actually resolved things without everyone being too upset. I was a little bit pleased with myself. :joy:
Life is so much better now.
Have a great sober day, wherever you are.
Goodnight. :zzz::sleeping:


So Fricken Awesome!!