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Its starting to ease. Schools, Shops and bars opening up again. We shall wait and see what happens next.
Hope you’re doing well Mickey? :hugs:


Caught this in the early hours …


Hello all,

Checking in on Day 992 Sober.



Good morning friends, day 151! Also 5 months today! The last time I had 5 months of sobriety was early 2010 - I went on to have some decent sobriety, until I figured I was ‘cured’. Nope - please don’t fall for that crap anyone - I then spent the next 6+ years clawing and scratching my way back to this spot.
I love myself today and I love my life. My wife and family are happier and I can be the husband, father, grandfather, worker, friend that I am supposed to be.
This TS place has been a huge blessing for me and one of the main tools in my toolbox. Thank you all for your support and friendship!

Have an awesome day!


Thanks Conor - just trying to keep up. :slight_smile:


Congrats on 5 months!! Now you know never to go back to that place, even when you’ve racked up enough sober days that the horrible days of active addiction are harder to remember.

I’ve caught myself thinking those thoughts more than once before I had to actively make a list of all the terrible repercussions of drinking.

Keep up all the hard work!!


Nice catch!


Congrats @Conor689908 and sorry to hear about Karen. I wish you guys a peaceful transition while you’re working out living arrangements.

@Charlie_C Rockstar! It’s been so great to watch you on this go-around. I am all-in on it being your last.

Day 12. I really need to get to that journal entry today. There is so much swirling around in this clean brain of mine. I am going to start facilitating and volunteer coordinating for my online Recovery Dharma group. I need to be actively engaged, REQUIRED to be present.

I have been weighing the guilt of slacking at school, instead being on here/there/everywhere about sobriety. I guess the OK thing is, I can digest a multitude more with this crisp, clean brain. Even without sufficient sleep, the synapses just process that gobbeldy gook better.

It looks like a beautiful day out there, but I know it’s freezing!


Jené - we are in this together! We’ve both been picking at the edges of this for so long - let’s just quit messing around. I’m ready to embrace being a non-drinker, not just accept it.
Have an awesome day, and congratulations on day 12!


I wrote this exact sentence in one of my Facebook groups last night. Let’s go, Grandpa!


Checking in on day 304, planning on having a very productive and sober day :+1:

Have a great one guys and gals



Im sorry to hear of your troubles Conor. Hang in there pal…

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@littlemisschatterbox Awesome & Congratulations !! :partying_face::kissing_heart:

And @Olivia - thanks for your recent topic! It took a while to find a fully-clothed gif for this :sweat_smile::kissing_heart:


Day 540.
Had second shot Monday afternoon. In bed since yesterday afternoon (my b-day :roll_eyes: ).
Felt like I’d done a hard stop off anti-depressants (yes, I have unfortunately done that in the past).
Fever is down a bit today. Should be 100% tomorrow :+1:

Hope everyone has a lovely day :kissing_heart:


Day 306 clean and sober today. Turned in copies of my resume and certifications yesterday afternoon as they requested and am now waiting to hear back that I’m officially hired and able to start work. I also had an appointment with my academic counselor for school and have the path of which classes I will need to take in order to move forward. I’m so excited to be able to work for the place that saved my life, it’s such an honor to me and makes me feel really good about myself. I’m getting Corey’s ashes delivered Friday and as soon as I am physically able to I will be taking his ashes to be scattered where I scattered his Mom’s ashes in the ocean at sunset. I hope everyone has a wonderful day today, love you!!! :sunglasses::metal:t2:


Upset and more then ready to give in… Maybe 3 nights of no sleep, training on such a hard topic… Or maybe its people who cant have compassion.

I sit and i battle a fucking real life of challenges that i wouldnt wish on my worse enemy.
If the only challenge in my life was just the one addiction maybe i’d be stronger.

Maybe the fact the world struggles to see me as nothing but a freak has hit me too much…

Maybe the fight of understanding this world from a nero typical point is just too much…

Cruelty hurts, micking is painful… Taking the piss out of someone hurts!!!


Congrats on 5 months! Well done :clap:t4::tada:


Thank you Patty! Glad you are feeling better.

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