Kinda lost

Well getting close to the year sober mark… 1-31-20 and each day gets harder and harder ever since I’ve gotten sober my emotions have been crazy and not knowing deal with them sucks I feel like the one that I love and slowly drifting away 1 min I’m angry the next I’m sad idk what to do some of the things that go through my head are not always right I’m so lost and confused


Welcome to the community!

Congratulations on nearly a year sober! That is pretty rad, especially during these trying times.

Sobriety changes people, sometimes for the better, sometimes for almost the better. It can be difficult navigating these uncharted waters, especially alone.

Are you working a program at all?


Thank you its definitely been rough for sure… I’m not currently working a program I was going to meetings until s ok someone tried to sell me dope so I kinda back out afraid of that temptation

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Just seem like anytime I try and talk to my loved ones theres always a way to turn it around on me like I’m a crazy i feel like its pushing and tearing my family apart it feels like my lady is drifting away further each day and idk if it really what’s happening or if it’s in my head b4 I’d just go and use and all the cares would be out the window and now it’s like I’m left here to rot and decay with these thoughts in my head

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Same to you on almost your year as well and thank you for the warm welcome


The year mark is really difficult for a lot of people, I promise. Many of the people here can attest to that. I am sorry that things are going bad with your family. Sometimes therapy, or working a program can help you navigate apologies and help you understand whats going on is pretty normal, even though it is really hard. I think being here and seeing all the other folks going through it all has been helpful for not only me over The last 4 years, but hundreds of other people. If this is the only support system you have right now, don’t be afraid to use it. We are here for you.
I am very glad you are here and trying something new for support. Please read all of the threads you can, and you can even use the search function in the top right hand corner to search for key words that may interest you.


Welcome Jayal. I’m glad your here. Big congratulations and job well done on your 11 months. I just made my year. Sometimes I really had to power through it and I spent a lot of time on here the last few weeks. I mean a lot of time. You must have a lot to be grateful for now that you got 11 months sober. Write it down. Everyday I write down what I’m grateful for. I got so much more now to be grateful for now that I’m sober. Go to the gratitude thread on here and read every one’s gratitude list. It seems to help a lot of people. It’s still one day at a time. And your going to feel amazing when you get there.

This guy @anon60334405 is at 11 months. He checks in a lot on the “checking in daily to maintain focus” thread. Lots of great people on there. Hope you don’t mind me tagging you in Mike. But since you both seem to be struggling a bit At 11 months I thought it could help @Jayal



Here are a couple more handy links for new comers.

I hope to see you around. We can all help you get over this hump if your willing.


Oh man, thats terrible. Perhaps you can find online meetings?

Welcome Jayal! Congrats on almost 1 year.
Sobriety changed the way I feel about all my relationships especially my husband. I found myself not having anything in common with him and we started drifting apart. I had to get honest and communicate this to him. I even suggested some family/couples counseling that he’s considering now. We’re also trying to put more effort into doing sober things together. We had a great relationship while we were both using but it was all due to the drugs and alcohol. I suggest you communicate your feelings with the one you love before you drift farther apart.

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Welcome! Congrats on approaching a year!

As my sponsor told me, “Rome wasnt built in a day. You drank your life away for decades. It wont get fixed in a year” For some, fixing life was as simple as stopping drinking and working a program. For me it took that AND time. I am 1000+ days sober. I still have struggles, but every day gets better. Stay sober, it gets better

Hey man. Yeah I definitely can relate, I’m not as angry anymore. But definitely still alot of different feelings and being confused, I found out I had pretty bad adhd which was why I was getting angry so quick. I fell into a pretty deep depression so I had my doctor prescribe me something to help,which atm is just making me tired all the time. Just stick with it, no matter how shitty of a time we may go through it beats using or drinking. Maybe it’s a good time to talk to a therapist and see what else is going on. Being sober is great, but we still have alot we need to heal. Also are you working your recovery? Using tools? Meditation? We need to stay spiritually connected the best we can. Much love, and @Dazercat I didn’t mind u tagged me at all

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Thank man for looking out I’m currently not working the program as far as NA I was going but then someone tried to sell me heroin I panicked and never went back I do have my NA book I tend to go through at times and I’ve honestly never tried to meditate but willing to give it a try I really appreciate everyone that’s gotten on here to help me out much love to you all

Congrats on almost a year! You are one of my idols :heartpulse::gift_heart: hearing (reading) about more people who have many months of gives me hope.
My goals seem further and further away now. 50 days until 90 on the tracker!? That sucks, i liked the smaller goals better.
What are your goals? (other then not drinking today - that’s my best one right now)

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There’s a few good things about covid. (Very few)
One of them is that meetings are online. You dont have to physically be anywhere near where someone might try to sell you drugs. :hugs: Online meeting resources

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Congrats on 50 days brother everyday is a blessing… and thank you for the support… and I guess if I had any goals at the moment it be getting my mental health taking care of and learning how to cope with things without wanting to use

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That are good goals! I also got counseling this go around to help with that. Seems most of us use to escape some issues instead of facing them. So I’m working on it…

So glad you reached out! And congratulations on your almost year!! That is fantastic. I hear you on the emotions!! Man, I had the same thing around my year and honestly, for awhile after. So many emotions, wow, and yeah, I felt out of control a lot and anxious again as well…panicked really. However…for myself, I realized that all that emotion…it was bubbling up from all the years of drinking and using …all those years I hadn’t felt any emotions…all those years I drank my emotions away. They didn’t leave, they were still there and eventually, after my sobriety wasn’t so new, after I had some clean time, they arrived back to be dealt with. It was hard at first, no lie. I wasn’t used to really feeling. But I did learn through reading and therapy that emotions won’t kill me. They are a natural part of being human and it is okay to feel them…good and bad. I think too my body needed that time to work them out of my cells…deep down…and once I felt them, I could release them. I hope that makes sense. :hugs:

You are doing so well. You have a lot to be proud of. For me, therapy helped, I also went on meds for a few months to assist in my healing, learning to be present thru meditation (guided is a good start) helped me immensely. Working a program helps lots of folks as well.

There are a lot of avenues to assist in your healing. You don’t have to do this alone. :heart: