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Day 313~ Checking in. There’s been a lot of growth these past few weeks for me. I’m really learning to embrace who I am and trying so hard to live my best authentic life. So many years I believed I was not good enough or less than. I would hide in the background and hide behind the booze. I would avoid mirrors at all cost because I didn’t like what I was seeing and knew I wasn’t living life to the best of my abilities. I’ve battled with body issues and self image since I was a young girl; including an eating disorder that I often keep secret. My sobriety has given me such strength and courage to face these issue. I’m definitely starting to love me again. Learning self worth and self love is one of the hardest but most powerful lessons I’ve learned to date. If you can’t love yourself how can you expect others to love you. I love this journey and I’m just so thankful for all the lessons and blessings that come along with it.

Much love to you all my friends. Keep fighting. Know YOU are worth it. YOU matter. Keep being beautiful one day at a time. :yellow_heart:



CONGRATULATIONS on your year, @StellaLuna



@StellaLuna Congratulations D!! I’m so f**king proud of you! You have been here for me from the start and I’m forever grateful for your love and support.
congrats fireworks


@StellaLuna congrats on your one year! Super proud of you. And thank you for being such a great support, and also lifting others up. You’re such an asset to the forum :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


@StellaLuna. A huge congratulations on 1 year!!! You’re a rock star!!! So super proud of you!


Thanks Salty!

For @StellaLuna and her 1 year free o’ DRUGS & BOOOZE…

Not sure how much actual publicity you are into, but if I could, I’d be driving past your place right now with my car all decked out in obviously homemade splendor, pounding a “yeah Stella!” sign into your lawn, honking and celebrating your year. I bet the whole day would be one big TS drive by parade!

Honestly though, your posts and your year put so much oomph into my own journey - and I know I am not alone. Thank you for your strength, your courage, your commitment, and to sharing it all with us. :orange_heart:

Ok - unrolling the car windows so you can hear the celebratory tunes cranked up now! :laughing:


That made me smile, lol! I love the thought of it!:laughing:


There’s still time! :joy:

EDIT: oh and we are getting the limo for your year!!!


Count me in ladies


195 days. Having to remind myself to stay in the present. As the saying goes dwell on the past and you’ll be depressed, focus on the future and you’ll be anxious. . .being present right now seems confusing and is often difficult. I am having problems recognizing my progress since sober. Being sober should be progress enough and feeling the feelings while sober should be seen as achievement. Keep telling myself one day at a time and when necessary one moment at at time but really feeling nothing is adding up. Sorry for the puzzling rambling but thanks for sharing this safe space with me along my way.


@StellaLuna congratulations on your one year! That is so amazing, I know it hasn’t been easy but I’m sure it has been worth it. I am so proud of you and I am so grateful to you, for having been there for me and others, and for paving the way for the rest of us. You are awesome. Thank you, and congratulations! :hugs: Shine bright!


Congrats @StellaLuna :slight_smile:

Checking in day 105.
Anxious for no particular reason. Kinda hate this. Makes me anxious about being anxious. I think I’m getting the backlash of the last couple of days being binge-reading and staying a lot in my head and theories. Now with girlfriend at home for vacation with me I guess I have a bit of a stress, have to me more present and resist the escape from reality. I guess that’s why I had the feeling of a post-relapses this week, because I was kind of escaping reality with reading like I use to do so with booze. But I tried not to be too hard on myself because it’s still a sane way to cope with life in general I think and it’s something I’m passionate about - plus it’s productive in certain ways too. Although now That I had a taste of binge-reading and thinking alone for 3 days in a row (I guess we can call this workaholic), I feel anxious about just being there and cannot plan on escaping today. I have things to do and that makes me feel stressed and therefore guilty. Anyways, going to move a bit and go do some groceries. Eating might as well calm me. I haven’t been training for days and I guess that’s not helping my head either. I have the “could use a drink” thoughts coming up into my head as I am walking to the stores, but that ain’t an option. Worst case scenario I’d be watching movies all day. I guess there’s gonna be days like this. I’m not use to not work and be sober.
Hope everyone is having a good day,


Hugs my friend :hugs:


Brilliant Courtney I really enjoyed reading this , funny I only recently found out how much fear played a part in my life and this is how we know we are doing the right things because we are discovering what is making us tick


18561 thats my girl right there. So proud of you, and all that you accomplished. So happy to be here on this journey with you. Thank you for always being there and helping me in some of my hard times.



I’m so happy for you Big Sis. I’ve been waiting to see this post!

You’re such an important part of this community and I have no doubt that you’ve had a positive effect on a lot of us. You’ve been there to support me, you’ve checked in on me, and you’ve called me on my shit. Super thankful to have you here and to have you on this journey with me.

I’ve seen you grow a lot over the last year and it’s inspirational. Thank you for leading the way and showing me that this can be done.



Day 502
Feeling good today and just taking it easy after all the madness of Christmas, I’m also feeling proud of myself last year I didn’t feel confident in my sobriety so I asked whoever was coming to my house if it was alright that they didn’t drink, this year we went back to normal and nearly everyone was drinking but I’m a lot stronger with my sobriety and it didn’t bother at all
I hope everyone has a happy and safe day :wave::+1:


Thanks guys.
I am off to the mountain for some snowshoeing with my girl. Couldnt think of a better way to celebrate!

@M-be-free49 that’s my idea of a drive by.


You are stunning! :heart_eyes: