Book discussion: "Codependent No More: How to Stop Controlling Others and Start Caring for Yourself"


I’ve never organised a book discussion, but this book keeps coming up and there seems to be an interest, so at least I’m going to kick off a thread and we can figure it out from there. I don’t want to step on any toes of any pre-existing book groups/planned discussions (tagging @SweetTea) , so perhaps we can consider timing and what works for everyone. Also, this is the kind of book that one could either fly through, or want to take their time with to let it sink in. It’s probably also a fantastic read in preparation for the holidays when it’s easy to get caught up in family mayhem.

For me, this book was recommended to me by a therapist two years ago and it blew open a lot of issues for me. I would like to read it again now with a different, sober perspective, along with a year of solid Al-Anon work and more recently AA. I recall being disparaging about the 12 step stuff in there at the time I read it, but even when ignoring that, I got so much out of it the first time around.

So, tagging those with possibly an interest and we can take it from there:
@Sobergal91 , @kjm , @Modestakieran , @Jax1 , @Lionfish , @Redemption , @Eke , @MoCatt

Sorry if I forgot anyone - anyone with an interest, please jump in!



Yay! Boooooookkkk Clllluuubbbb! #leggoo


So do we want to set goals of reading chapters by a certain date and or just posting reflections as we go along? Just curious


I will give this some thought over night and aim to try to set up a plan tomorrow. I am thinking it might be helpful to discuss chapters at defined times throughout, rather than waiting until the end. Any suggestions or input from others? I can then think and collate any suggestions with an aim to post a plan tomorrow evening (ish).


I’d love to read this with a group. Just need to get the book first!


Sounds good! Yes I’d suggest having a week for each chapter and discussing that chapter over the course of that week.


Maybe a few days for people to get the book?


Flat broke but I’d still love to hear the discussions about this book even if I have to do it blind.


It’s been around for a while; I’ll bet you could get a library copy if you want to read it.


Do you have an Amazon Kindle account? If you do, message me your Kindle email I’m getting the book anyway I think I can send you a copy.


Thanks @MoCatt and @Angie-Lah . I honestly don’t know if I’m making excuses or being cautious about taking more on to my plate, but I feel myself hesitating to actually devote the time to reading it at this particular time.


Do you know if you guys are reading the original or the updated version?


Hmmmm…I’m assuming the updated one, but I don’t know that for sure.


Ok. I’ll sit tight until the group reaches consensus


This is what I bought on Amazon


Thank you!


I got one from goodwill a while back for a dollar. It’s the second edition.


Lucky!! Those are the best finds


IKR! I have a whole bookcase filled with books. I stopped doing that cause I would find so many good ones!


Not stepping on toes at all. I messaged you.