Day 3 alcohol free…as Chef and restaurant owner!

Day 3, feeling extremely tired but fine. For the really first time of my life, I realized that I’m so tired and disgusted of drinking! For the past 3 years, it affected my productivity big time! Tired of waking up on a hangover and feeling sick! My only fear is to have to deal with people who drink every day in my restaurant…and my husband not wanting to quit with me…I’m the Chef de cuisine and I used to drink when I work and after work with my employees…it’s going to be very hard. But I need to do it unless I will lose everything. And also, being a mother of 2 and realized that my kids are way conscious of me drinking almost every day…that need to stop. If someone in here related to my situation in the restaurant or bar business, tell me how you do it!


Hi Nancy, I’m not in restaurants but I wanted to say I see you. It is hard and it feels intimidating and sometimes lonely in those early days. It’s a change - and finding understanding and support is important.

The search bar is helpful (try searching “restaurant” or “bar” and see what pops up) but there’s a lot of people who will understand you even though they’re not in restaurants specifically. Alcohol is woven into companies, companionship, and work in a lot of ways: salespeople do it, sports lovers, lawyers, mechanics, etc etc - just about every interest or occupation has the option of drinking woven into it somewhere.

Take some time to read around here and I’m sure you’ll find stories that are familiar. The check-in thread is a good place to start:

There’s also a lot of podcasts, books / memoirs, and groups that are great places to dive in and find understanding and support:

Resources for our recovery

Welcome Nancy. You are not alone. Your path matters, your health and self-respect matters, and you deserve a safe, sober life where you can be your full self.

Thank you so much for all the informations! I really appreciated!

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