Checking in daily to maintain focus #31 (Part 2)

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Hey Fleur
I had a few rough milestones getting to where I am. But the 1 year mark was not one of them. Maybe because my 11th month was in December and I had been practicing all year to get through my first Holidays sober. And then my 1 year milestone. And you bet your ass I celebrated. Celebrated right here on TS where people understand. Told my wife and kids and a couple of other friends and they were very proud of me. It was real smooth and I was just so dang proud of myself and what I accomplish. I didn’t really give a shit what others thought. Because it is a BIG DEAL. so don’t over think it. Coast in with happiness and pride.



Well, you have no idea how much I appreciate this. As a very sophisticated and distinguished meme farmer, nothing puts a bee in my bonnet more than duplicate memes. Think people, think!!! :joy::joy::joy: Then when you go through 800 memes and someone posted the one you were going to, ugh! Meme farming is not for the faint of heart. It takes grit.


Congratulations @Olivia on 9 months and @DLS on 13 months. You ladies fucking rock!!

yay baby


Day 9. Had an amazing day. Even trying to talk myself into anxiety today didn’t work lol


Second day 20 check-in. Some joker in my neighborhood is using an impact wrench or something at like ten pm and it’s driving me nuts. Who does that. :laughing: Practicing equanimity. SERENITY NOW!



Day 367.
Was meant to be my first day of vacay, but I was still tying up loose ends and it turned into a whole day. Will start vacay tomorrow. I’m okay with that, but…

…I know deep down that addictive tendencies spill over into my work, into other areas in my life. At one time my schooling, and previously diet-and-exercise. It’s tough when society just reinforces these addictions with “good for you”, but if this past year has taught me anything, much of society knows f*ck all when it comes to what’s best for this M…

This will be Year 2 of my recovery: bringing these other things into my own right alignment. This ain’t gonna be pretty, friends. But now I know. Change is made one choice at a time, and they add up to good days, to a life well-lived.

On this day, in this country? C’mon, Canada, we can do much better too. One choice at a time. Please.

Though heavy-hearted, I’m hopeful. Let’s not ever lose hope, hey friends? We did today. We can do tomorrow.
G’night all, big huge love. :orange_heart:

@DLS and @Jennajen go well, dear friends - much health and happiness always :pray:

@Charlie_C and @Dazercat thank you! :canada:

@Mno hugs, beautiful friend.


Checking in : day 6


And I’m checking in. Day 63 for me. The Farmers market gig that my wife and I did today in our home town turned out better than planned.

This is the first day since March 2020 that our town allowed us to participate due to Covid-19. We did manage to make it through that summer, but we both were delighted to be back.

I got a call from 2 members of my balloon twisting team this week.

So far, we’ve only have one restaurant gig per week since January. But that’s going to change very soon.

I see good things for the future.

As for my recovery from NGS, today was not perfect. I did catch myself check out women a few times. But today was better than the day before.

As for my addiction to pornography, I’m still not white-knuckling it. That part is gone.

Praise the Lord. He is good.


You are absolutely amazing! You’ve just come so far in a year! I’m so proud of you! Times are tough, but so are you. I obviously haven’t been around to hear about all your struggles, but I’m sure this last year hasn’t been easy for you in a variety of ways. You deserve the best and that’s what you’ve been doing for yourself. Each day of your life creates the person you are. You’ve got this. :heart:


Checking in on day 7,starting to feel alittle stronger, day by day, but happy to not rush the process, have a blessed day all.


Congratulations @DLS with the milestone! :confetti_ball::confetti_ball:Have a great day as well Donna.

Day 1017
My son went to town again yesterday to pick up his coat who was remained in the pub as well as the bike he borrowed from his dad to get at the party. Well the coat is back with his belongings still inside but the bike is gone :sweat: It’s stolen.
Today a day of work ahead and playing drum in our band toninght. I’m going to drum all those bad emotions out, I do not want them ore need them.
Got downstairs this morning and was counting the keys to see if all my kids where in. When I went to sleep my 2 eldest still where out. One at work and the other one at the cinema (and getting his stuff back). I have to get back the trust that they are ok and alive since that phonecall from the hospital.


Thank you @Lisa07 ! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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Day 325
Several drinking dreams recently, in them my sponsor being mad at me is a big thing, in reality my sponsor’s anger would be the least of my problems. tgif people.


Day 92. First time I post about. Feeling good. My partner is trying as well, only 3 days for him but fingers crossed. I’m trying to quit cigarettes as well but it looks harder than quit alcohol. Still trying though. Thank you to everyone :blush:


On day 2 … checking in !
Reading your posts helps me a ton !


Day 8 . Sick and pretty sleepless. Patience. Grateful for being sober and this new opportunity


@Alfa07 :pray:t5::pray:t5::pray:t5::pray:t5: Courage my friend!!!


Thanks ! Same to you , be strong :muscle:t2: :hugs: