Checking in daily to maintain focus #31 (Part 1)

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626 Days. Living life on life’s terms. Just in a funk this weekend.


Day195 of change in self.

Return to the present moment, things are going to be abundant. Our minds run scenarios that are not real, and if we pick negative run-outs, we will be negatively impacted.

I know we are individually abundant, that is our natural form as we let go of our addictions.

We were not here to play in hell, but to prosper with the highest of being. Pick out the negative habits, they are not needed.

Have a good day. :v:t6:

“The happiness of your life, depends on the quality of your thoughts.”

 -Marcus Aurelius

How are you feeling friend???


@Tokigurl88& @CapriciousCapricorn thank you both so much, that means a lot :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Not sure if I missed any milestones from the last thread, so congratulations to everyone for being here another day :tada:

300 days no alcohol :raised_hands:t2:
268 days no cocaine.

Sad to report that I binged on cereal and ice cream, won’t be buying those again so today I bought some low fat yoghurts instead.

Gym and swimming were great today, back in the routine of it and feeling good about it.

300 days is quite something hey :blush: the next time I imagine reflecting on a number will likely be when I hit a year! I’ve even walked down to alcohol aisles in the supermarket and although some of the bottles are pretty, I’m not the slightest bit tempted by any of it. I despised the taste long before I quit. There are some alcohol-free spirit drinks in a different aisle, I’ve got no idea what they would taste like, probably awful!

Really looking forward to my Podiatrist appointment on Wednesday, to find out what he can do about my feet, they hurt constantly no matter what I’m doing, apart from whilst swimming, will be amazing if there’s more that can be done :pray:t2:


Day5 I am doing a tattoo today and I can see just how triggering they actually were. In sobriety I actually avoided ppl alot because my nerves and anxiety. Now I have ppl coming over that I don’t even know and have to try and put good work on their body so the whole world can critique it, that sounds so silly that a tattoo can trigger you they much but it really does. Today I’m gonna fight through it bc tattoong is something I really want to be great at. And the only way to do it is sober and I will do and I will be great at it. Much love everyone have a great day


I’ve been promoted to ‘member’ woooooo :no_mouth:. Day 63… thanks TS.:muscle::pray::muscle::pray:


It actually makes a lot of sense to me. You are vulnerable and you are feeling insecure right now. It is not the exact same but I felt very much this way when I had to be on a runway walking infront of hundreds of people when I hate every inch of my body. I get it Mike and I understand why you wanted to make those feelings go away, I did too.

I am proud of you for challenging yourself to tattoo sober today. Baby steps though don’t take on too much at once, make sure you stay balanced. :heart:


Hey… thanks so much for the check-in :slightly_smiling_face:. It means so much to me. I also want to respond to the other DMs to me in a day or two. I appreciate them so very much and I keep re-reading them since there’s a lot of wisdom there to digest. I do feel better. I think I just needed that vent and to express that raw emotion I was going through. I couldn’t do that with anyone else. Here I feel safe, loved, supported, non-judged and encouraged…to name a few.

I just feel I still need to wrap my mind around this new journey I’m living and do some more soul searching, self loving and take the advice to reach out and get connected.

Thanks again for reaching out @CapriciousCapricorn :pray:t3:


Amazing sober days, well done :+1:


Checking in. Day 245. Lazy pool days have begun. It has been tough, but battling through the temptations. I was feeling less fun, but then said f it. Did my backflip into the pool…sober this time.

I read this quote on a hiking group I’m on and wanted to share it on here.

I hope you all are having a great Sunday!


@Tyler2020 @icebear

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Checking in with u guys on morning of day 300.
I remember being happy with my 100 days, and now here I am three times that length. We have come far, but we are all just on one point in our own journey.


what’s going on today, really happy and proud for you. There is certainly some strong determined people in this little group. :+1:


The triplets hit another milestone! What an amazing little group of some very determined people. Congratulations on 300 @Misokatsu, @Tyler2020 and @icebear!!
yay ballons


@Misokatsu love your check in!!! :heart:

300 days of awesomeness!!!
Wooohoooo congrats you two.


Congratulations on your 300 days you guys. So cool to celebrate the TS Triplets.


Well I made it through my tattoo sober. And went and hit up a meeting, I’m tired so I’m heading to bed good night everyone



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Hey @Jane.c, how’d your weekend go? :heart:


Checking in. I took a nap snuggling my sweet Svetlana today! I love that she lets me snuggle her like a teddy bear when I sleep :joy:
It felt so nice to be a little lazy :heart::paw_prints: