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Day 38th….I very happy with myself. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


You should feel happy with youself!! When you pick up EVERY day or overdo it EVERY time you pick up, like most of us…38 days is damn cool. Congrats!


Day 907. What a year it’s been. Upside down, inside out, all jacked around. Still sober, still functionally sane. Working hard for little return, with faith the future will be kind to me. All the best :heart::heart::heart:


Day 427
Feeling down today. This cold has made it so I haven’t been able to workout for a little over a week now and I feel so strange and off. Tried some yoga this morning and got dizzy head rush. Ended up just rolling on my back in child’s pose feeling defeated for awhile. Sobriety is harder without physical activity. Came closer than I’d like to admit to giving in and accepting my father’s offer of a hot toddy tonight. My week long bike trip starts Oct 5th and I really hope to be recovered by then.


Checking in Day 59 without alcohol / 305 without weed.

Happy we are getting into my favorite time of year — autumn weather, Halloween, horror movies. My fourth annual October visit from one of my best friends is this weekend. We live a few hours away from each other but she visits every October. This year I’m in a new state and excited to show her where I live now. Even though my sobriety hasn’t been a straight mine, I was not drinking the last two times she visited. And I won’t be this year either. Pretty cool. The first year she took it as an opportunity to take a break from drinking too and I think last year she had one drink when we were out to dinner but otherwise abstained. I remember after that first weekend where we didn’t drink at all she was like, “wow it doesn’t matter if we drink, we don’t need it, we are still always going to have a fun time together!” Hell yeah.



I understand how you feel. But this won’t end well. Don’t do it. Just give yourself some time to level down. If you choose recovery tonight, you won’t regret it.


I :heart::heart::heart: this!!


Sending healing vibes your way.


I’m confused…

I hope you are ok though.

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Day 457.
Thank you for the lovely replies to my post yesterday. Your words mean such a great deal to me.
Was thinking today about how - the older I get - a year of regular life just passes so quickly. Counting sober days didn’t always feel like that at first - felt nothing like that.
Somewhere though, it went from counting each sober day to… living. living life sober. I credit all of you - I have no doubt that my recovery would be in shambles without the support of this place.

All that said - we did another day, so let’s add it to the pile, hey friends? No reason to stop now! :wink:
G’night all, big love. :orange_heart:

@Hopeful777 Getting a takeaway to celebrate a paycheque instead of wine. That too is worth celebrating!

@Tokigurl88 i love this post! you know, just maybe your recovery story will also be a gift to them one day, just as you are. I know you’re a gift to us! :heartpulse:

@CapriciousCapricorn aw, tears for me reading 2 of your posts just today, my brave and strong friend. I lean on the example of you - with gratitude. :pray:

Congrats on one week @al2017! you are doing amazing to stay strong and handle the teen thing!


Good morning beautiful people.
Checking in alcohol free day 4.
I will not drink with you today.

Rest day for me. So no running or strength and stability workout, not even indoor cycling. Well walking with my 4 legs flury best friend doesn’t count like workout…Still learning to listen to my temple (body).

Have a nice and calm day.

P.S. please…always ignore my gramatic mistakes in English language. They are only a sign, that I can perfectly speak another language.


Your English reads well enough to me :blush:

Love this! Brilliant way of describing it. I wish I had that as an explanation sometimes. But English is my first and only language :joy::sweat_smile:


Four months. Not much to say other than I am enjoying it :sunglasses:


Day 9 today we continue to move forward from past mistakes the tide will turn and the sun will shine have a good day everyone


Hello everyone! I was going strong for about a month, which I was happy with. But, I decided to get drunk the other night, so I’m restarting now. I’m on day two right now. It’s not a lot, but you gotta start somewhere!



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Checking in on my first 30 days! Yeeha! :slightly_smiling_face: One day at a time I shall grow… :seedling::sunflower:


Hang in there Jess, you’ll be alright :heart: Soon enough you’ll be out and about, healthy and shining brightly like you deserve to… And a cycling trip sounds super fun - wish I could join you! I always find your gardening and cycling etc posts inspirational :pray:


Thank you :slightly_smiling_face: